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3 charismatic Áo Dài tailor shops recommended by Huế natives


They say the Áo Dài in Huế is stunning to the point that if any best Vietnam tour operator fails to recommend an Áo Dài tailoring trip to your upcoming Central Vietnam journey, it would be an absolute mistake. Hence, here we list down three of our most charismatic native Áo Dài tailor-shops that even the city dwellers love to pass by each time.


Áo Dài in Huế

Thẩm tailor shop

The local tailor store is open right on the street of Trần Nguyên Hãn. You can easily spot it out with an outstanding facade filled with a wide chain of read-made Áo Dài inside as the entire passageway is pretty desolate as most of the houses down the street are made for residential buildings with a lack of noisy service stores. Thẩm has been around for almost 15 years by far. Unlike any other Áo Dài shops where a huge part of the family all follow the same career in order to pass down to their younger generations, Thẩm is the only member in the family with a huge passion for the making of Áo Dài, hence he decided to pursue his own career and started his business as such.


Elegant violet

Apparently, Thẩm’s repeated customers are mostly Huế natives. Hence, you do not have to worry about the fact of “getting ripped off” that usually happens in some touristy areas. Mothers, sisters, and aunts in Huế lay a specific charisma for the shop of Thẩm whenever their need for a new Áo Dài is aroused. An average time for a making of each Áo Dài at Thẩm tailor shop lasts for roughly 2 weeks. Yet, you have no worries in this case if your trip in Huế does not last long. Feel free to leave your home address at Thẩm and get your Áo Dài received once it’s done. Our Vietnam local tour operator highly recommends Thẩm as it represents a typical sample of how a native Huế artisan gets his Áo Dài tailored.


A colorful choice at Thẩm store

How about your available fabric before turning it into a stunning dress? You can either choose to grab one ready at a native market with a help of a local guide or pick the one you like at Thẩm’s shop. However, there are not a lot of ready stocks to be chosen on site. As a consequence, think twice before making a final decision.

  • Address: 42 Trần Nguyên Hãn street, Thuận Hoà Ward, Huế City.
  • Average tailoring time: 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Average price: VND 300.000 – 700.000 VND/dress.

Thảo Trang tailor shop

The very next alternative our tour operators in Vietnam advise you to note down is Thảo Trang, another native-loved tailor shop located at the back of a serene alley near the Huế citadel. Within a few walks through the door steps, you would be amazed at how packed and lively the shop can be.


Thảo Trang shop

As shared by the shop lady owner, she started her profession at the age of 15 and hence passing through over 20 years in the field. Many generations of Huế female students have considered Thảo Trang as their all-time favorite tailoring spot due to a reasonable price, short-term procedure and the lady owner is extremely hospitable.


A modern design

  • Address: 1 Quốc Sử Quán, Phú Hậu Ward, Huế City.
  • Average tailoring time: minimum duration is 5 hours.
  • Average price: VND 300.000 – 700.000 VND/dress.

Hùng tailor shop

One last trusted site to go is Hùng tailor shop situated on Mai Thúc Loan street, a hectic and vivid thoroughfare of the city which witnesses quite many Áo Dài shops rounding up. As a matter of fact, though open right close by quite many other competitors. Hùng is always a preferred spot of many Huế female locals as the shop has been run by different generations of the family for around 3 decades.


Hùng tailor shop

According to Hùng, every single segment during the entire process is equally essential, in which the two steps of cutting and forming the shape of each Áo Dài are the most important ones. These stages ensure each female body fits perfectly in their own dress, either when moving or standing still. Do not forget to note down the address of this big name in your list of Vietnam tour operator reviews.


Cutting his fabric

  • Address: 35 Mai Thúc Loan street, Thuận Thành Ward, Huế City.
  • Average tailoring time: minimum duration is 4 hours.
  • Average price: VND 300.000 – 700.000 VND/dress.

Fast bookmark this site right away and contact your nearest best Vietnam tour operator for an insight at one of these.

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