4 highly famed delicacies bringing the best reputation to Huế


If you have been questioning yourself about which delicacies not to be missed in your upcoming tailor-made private Vietnam tour to Huế, many online travel magazines would be able to instruct you. However, how can you figure out what is actually inside each of the dishes and how to eat it like a real local? This post tells it all!


Huế pickled shrimps

Steamed rice / Vermicelli with baby clams

A good-quality bowl of “Huế-style” rice must be used with a portion of cold rice, which is usually left from the previous night. Such an attempt was applied based on the fact that the freshness of veggies and additives would not be killed off by the burning smoky heat released from the newly cooked rice. Born as an outcome of the habit of enjoying spicy and hot dishes, the Huế dwellers have brought to life a strong and tasty cuisine with a balance of all flavors used, featured a high level of saltiness and spiciness.


With steamed rice

Once owning any Vietnam tailor-made private tours to this former capital, if you are not that used to such heat in culinary, remember to have it ordered accordingly. Otherwise, your tongue would wholly and badly be affected because of such heat.


With vermicelli noodles

Huế spicy beef noodle soup

The spicy beef noodle soup takes root in Huế and has been transferred to the Southern land accordingly, where the initial taste varied a little in terms of a high level of sweetness released from pork bones. Back to Huế, the chefs tend to brew their broth from the shrimps. As a consequence, the most authentic Huế spicy beef noodle soup must be able to bring in a strongly saltiness and acridness. Another difference distinguishing Huế original version and its Southern edition is the strand of noodle itself. The Huế natives prefer small strands of rice vermicelli noodles.


Huế spicy beef noodle soup

On a regular basis, spicy beef noodle soup is only served in the morning. Hence, if you want to taste the truest dish in Huế, remember to be an early bird, hit the roads covered in dew drops and hold the finest smoky bowl of noodles in your hands.

Nam Phổ tapioca noodle soup (bánh canh Nam Phổ)

Apparently, Nam Phổ tapioca noodle soup was originated in Nam Phổ Village. For ages, this has been a popular snack in town, which is located around 10 kilometers away from the city center. This exceptional exotic food comes with a matte and thickened broth as the noodles are made out of flour and tapioca powder in a ratio of 3 flour:1 tapioca.


Nam Phổ tapioca noodle soup

Toppings include pork belly and shrimp. When dining, do not forget to add in a small pinch of fresh chili in order to enjoy the dish in the fullest way. Nam Phổ tapioca noodle soup is favored by lots of tourists inside out of the country and even the natives themselves, which makes it the best reason to be a must-have dish in your tailor-made private tours in Vietnam.

Huế pickled shrimp

Known locally as “Tôm Chua”, Huế pickled shrimp is an unobtrusive side dish that can hardly be found elsewhere in other cities across the country. The shrimps themselves get a distinctively tender and sweet savor and now blended with an acrid taste, which is all able to deliver a special and harmonious culinary.


Eaten with cooked rice

Only consuming the pickled shrimps is not the best way to learn about the most real characteristics of the Huế people. If joining in one of the best tailor-made private tours in Vietnam, do not forget to dig in the hidden procedure behind. Only the little freshwater shrimps are the ones to be selected. The reason behind such fact is that this species is able to absorb all flavors in the fullest way compared to large saltwater shrimps and hence gives out a better attractive look when arranged on a plate or inside a bottle or jar.


Rolled with boiled pork

Huế pickled shrimps are usually eaten along with boiled pork, rice paper, and fresh herbs as a type of spring rolls. Other than that, you can choose to have it dined along with hot cooked rice.

Now, there is no reason to move on signing up for your favorite tailor-made private Vietnam tour in Huế and let the tour operators take care the rest for you. Joining in a culinary tour seems to be a good idea as well.

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