5 Hue destinations beyond the Ancient Citadel


Your Hue itinerary could easily go something like this: spend a day in the Imperial city and devote the rest of your time in the tombs. These places are worthwhile though but there are many more types of outdoor activities await in Hue and here is a closer look at them:

Explore Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park (Source: Internet)

Bach Ma ranks top on our list of best places to visit in Hue. The trails of the park are lined with medicinal plants and up on the tree trunks are some stunning orchid varieties. The park teems with wildlife and home to one of the world’s rarest mammals, the saola. If you are very quiet, you may even catch a glimpse of some shy animals in the dense wood. A good walk in the park allows for plenty of fresh air, while exploring the nature of the park at your own pace, and still gaining from a local tour guide’s knowledge. A 2 km hiking brings you to the top of a small waterfall and you can test your endurance by descending a steep set of stone stair nearby. Although there is a good handrail, the 689 steps is a real challenge; but the grandstand view from the bottom of the cascade is worth your every effort. Since Bach Ma is a tropical forest, bring water, bug repellent, raincoat and bags for your garbage (supporting Vietnam eco-tourism) with you.

Saola in Bach Ma National Park

Saola-one of the rarest mammals on Earth (Source: Internet)

It takes just over an hour on the coastal route to get to the park from Hue by car or motorbike. The local bus will drop you off at Cau Hai village, 3 km from Bach Ma national park entrance at 60.000 VND. From the bus stop, you can either start your trek right away or hire a motor taxi for 20.000 VND to save your legs. Tourist buses are more expensive but comfortable. The two reliable bus lines that service the route are Sinh café and Hanh café. You will be dropped off right at the park entrance.

Spend the night in a traditional Vietnamese fishing village in Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang is the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia (Source: Internet)

This is a chance to connect with Vietnamese indigenous population in a better way. Tam Giang Lagoon is considered one of the best places to visit in Hue for a reason. During your stay in the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia, you will collect oysters and clams, pick up the bamboo weaving technique and go on a fishing boat alongside with locals. Another excellent opportunity involves going to a floating market held every morning in Ngu My Thanh Village.

Since there is no bus line that serves the 15 km route from Hue City to Tam Giang Lagoon, hiring a motorbike or a car is the best way to get there. You can take either the Highway 1 or the road in Hue City, which winds through ancient villages and towns. Most experienced travelers will take the latter option to taking in the view of green paddy fields and rows of casuarina trees.

Hike up Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill

The commanding view from Vong Canh Hill (Source: Internet)

Near the scenic Perfume river and commands views of the whole region, the hill is not far from Tu Duc tomb. The name Vong Canh derives from its most exciting asset: the sweeping views in every direction. Vong in Vietnamese means to observe and while Canh is the word for scenes. After taking a short walk to the top of Vong Canh, before your gaze will be a lush green forest backed by mountains and the great river fading far into the distance. Ancient temples are framed in verdant patches of label, orange, and tangerine. Tiny villages are strung out along the river bank with orchards and corn fields dot the pine forest. The hill itself is covered in pine and daisy; a perfect spot for a nature walk or a picnic.

With its proximity to Hue City and several tombs and pagodas, Vong Canh can be reached by motorbike or car. The motorbike rental rate is between 100.000 VND and 120.000 VND per day.

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