6 marvelous tombs that everyone should come when joining Hue tours


Hue is not a crowded or modern city. It is most popular for the beauty of age-old culture. And tombs are the most eminent tourist destinations here. Today, Hue tours will show you the best ones that are worth paying a visit.

Khai Dinh Tomb


Fresco Khai Dinh tomb

This is one of the must-see destinations in Hue that a lot of tourists usually visit first. It is the place where King Khai Dinh – the 12th king of Nguyen Dynasty – rested in peace. The tomb is located on Chau Chu Mountain, which is about 10 kilometers far from Hue City.

Khai Dinh Tomb is the only construction in the complex that has a combination of both Eastern and Western architecture. Despite its small area, the tomb is quite meticulously designed and built. The most beautiful decorations are probably three precious frescoes on the ceiling of the tomb.

Minh Mang Tomb


Minh Mang tomb

Having about 40 big-and-small constructions, Minh Mang is one of the most large-scale tombs. All of those constructions, including palaces, castles, and temples, are arranged in a well-matched way. This makes the whole tomb look like a person resting in a comfortable position.

His head is laid on Kim Phung Mountain. His legs are stretched out to the river area. And two parts of Trung Minh Lake look like his arms expanded without worry. Visiting the tomb, you will find three gates, Dai Hong Mon, Ta Hong Mon, and Huu Hong Mon. Dai Hong Mon was the main gate and only opened once when people took the body of King Minh Mang into the tomb.

Gia Long Tomb


Gia Long tomb

This tomb has another name, which is Thien Tho Lang. It started being built in 1814 and finished in 1820. This is where King Gia Long – the first king of Nguyen Dynasty – has his long last sleep. Among all of the final resting places, Gia Long Tomb is the most magnificent masterpiece where architecture and nature combine.

In front of the tomb, you will find Dai Thien Tho Mountain. And on each side of the tomb, there are 14 mountains, making the whole scene extremely imposing. The grave of the king and the queen is located in the middle of that nature, which impresses lots of tourists.

Tu Duc Tomb


Tu Duc tomb

King Tu Duc is known as a sensitive person, a poetry-lover, and an artist. Also, he is famous for his profound learning that hardly anyone could be compared. That is why Tu Duc Tomb is regarded as the most romantic one among all of the tombs. The king chose a perfect resting place for himself, which was very appropriate for his wills.

The tomb was used not only after his death but also as a place for the king to come visiting, read books, and recite poems when he was ruling. Therefore, the landscapes here look like a large park with romantic lakes and green pines. You will be able to have some deeper understandings about this king when joining in Hue group tours.

Thieu Tri Tomb


Thieu tri tomb

Your first impression on this tomb will be its scale. Compared to other ones, Thieu Tri Tomb is simpler and much smaller. Moreover, it has the shortest construction period, which is only 10 months. The tomb is located in Thuy Bang Commune and is about 8 kilometers away from Hue City.

One special thing that you may want to know is that the tomb was built after King Thieu Tri passed away. And the one who selected this location was his son, King Tu Duc. The architecture of Thieu Tri Tomb is an exceptional combination of Gia Long and Minh Mang Tomb. The peaceful sites of the countryside, where fields, crops, and fruit gardens are surrounded, can interest anybody.

Dong Khanh Tomb


Dong Khanh tomb

In case you want to see some Western architectural traits in Hue, you should book tours from Vietnam travel agencies to visit Dong Khanh Tomb. It is ideally situated between Thieu Tri and Tu Duc Tomb. And it had the longest construction period, which was 35 years.

You will find an extraordinary harmony of traditional and Western European style in each detail of the tomb. Among all palaces, Ngung Hy is considered the best spot where Vietnam lacquer painting is well-preserved. Although many architectural elements here were Westernized, Dong Khanh Tomb was not out of line at all. In fact, at the moment, it looks perfectly fit with the pastoral scenery in the area.

The above destinations are the most prominent tombs in the complex. And you can make your Hue tours much more exciting by visiting all of them.

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