A Luoi – the wilderness in the Great Truong Son in Thua Thien Hue


Located about 70km west of Hue city center, A Luoi is on Highway 49, connecting Ho Chi Minh Trail with National Highway 1A. Today, visitors to Hue not only visit the city – tombs in the feudal period, go sightseeing with natural scenes but you are also recommended to have a Hue DMZ tour and discover A Luoi – a wild and rustic land of Hue.


A Luoi

During the Hue day tours to A Luoi, tourists can visit, learn and experience many exciting activities such as enjoy local cuisine of the mountainous areas, visit historical relics, explore the daily life of the ethnic people, etc. In each type of ecotourism, A Luoi always possesses wild and mountainous characteristics and tourists to A Luoi will be able to immerse themselves in a completely different world from the busy life and dusty traffic in big cities.

Among them, A Nor ecotourist site is an interesting place for tourists to explore Hue this summer. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing moments in A Nora waterfall – the gentle silk in the Great Truong Son. The Ao Noble Waterfall has 3 floors with the cool clear water, which will definitely make visitors impressed with the beauty of nature.


A Nor Waterfall

Having an A Luoi trip in summer, visitors will have a chance to discover the vast primary forests with an area of about 3,000 hectares in A Roang Commune. You will be immersed in the “green world” with the diverse flora and fauna in the primary forest. The wilderness also has many high waterfalls, deep winding valleys with mountains, which attracts young people who love to explore and conquer the beautiful nature of Hue.

Besides mentioned places, you also can climb mountains in Tien Cong Cave, A Bia Hill, Ta Lơng Ai Mountain or engage yourself in waterfalls, go swimming in big rivers and lakes like A Sap, A Lin, Ta Rinh, A Co, etc. It sounds really interesting, isn’t it? Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that a Hue DMZ tour to A Luoi in summer will somehow dispel the heat and bring you fresh moments of the natural mountainous area.

In addition to that, according to many Hue travel reviews, travelers to A Luoi can also visit Pe Ke Pass, Kim Quy Pass, Ta Luong Pass – the poetic passes among the mountains and forests when traveling Hue and A Luoi. Have an opportunity to watch the sunrise in Pe Ke Pass, visitors will see the morning sunlight shining through each leaf, the fog gradually melting, while you can see the red, sparkling sky in the sunset. The moment of being in the imperial capital of Hue, tourists will have their own feelings and spend more love on the nature of Vietnam.


Pe Ke Pass

A Luoi was once a fierce battlefield in the heroic history against colonialism and imperialism in Vietnam. Me Oi Pass, Blood Stream, A Don Tunnels, So – A Tuc Cave and Tunnel, Thit Bam Hill, A Bia Hill, etc. are famous historical landmarks among the 62 relics in A Luoi District. Looking back at the monuments here, you will be able to partly understand the difficult life of the A Luoi militia in particular and our country in general during the war. At the same time, visitors will learn the unique traditional culture of the ethnic groups here, stay and relax on the stilt houses in the villages of A Luoi and enjoy the rustic dish along with the jars of fermented rice wine.


Thit Bam Hill in the war

Each year, ethnic minority people in A Luoi District organize festivals containing such many traditional values such as the friendship festival between villages, the rice festivals, the ancestor anniversary festivals, etc. During these festivals, guests will be able to enjoy ancient folk songs, dance moves with cong chieng, khen, dan moi, which are the unique musical instruments of the people living here. In particular, the Hue tour to A Luoi will give you the opportunity to get into the jubilant and bustle atmosphere of the campfire, festivals. People gather together, creating the warm space and tightening the relationship, the affection among people of the same ethnic groups living in the Great Truong Son.

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