A quick look at the exclusive vegetarian diet of Hue people


Most tourists who have visited Hue City have to admit that it has the most exceptional food and drinks in Vietnam. Particularly, those who have tried vegetarian dishes would never forget them. Vietnam culinary tours today will help you take a look at the highly valued vegetarian cuisine in Hue City.

Hue City – The land of Buddhism in Vietnam

Hue city

Hue city

When speaking of Vietnamese cuisine of vegetarian dishes, many citizens often mention Hue City in the first place. It is simply because Hue is the land of Buddhism, the first city where vegetarian diets became popular. Keeping vegetarian diets had been widespread since Ly – Tran Dynasty and the regnal years of Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu. 

Also, having vegetarian diets had been common in the patrician ever since. Until today, it has become a tradition in Hue, which is mainly to help the citizens feel more restful. Visiting Hue on the first day of every Lunar month, you will be surprised when seeing ordinary restaurants suddenly serve vegetarian dishes. The habit of making and having vegetarian diets here has become an art.

The habit of keeping vegetarian diets of Hue people

Women in Hue making vegetarian food

Women in Hue making vegetarian food

Being a city of Buddhism, Hue eating habit is definitely different from other places. Hue people have vegetarian diets not only on the first or the fifteenth day of every Lunar month but also as a daily routine. Especially, most families make vegetarian diets themselves. Hue citizens have those diets not plainly to have a healthier life but also due to the deep meaning of each vegetarian dish they make.

Hence, their vegetarian diets do not need delicacies. They only need to represent all elements of complementary principles. The simpler and more frugal they are, the better.

If you are invited to have a vegetarian meal by a Hue family, don’t hesitate to take it. It reveals that they really like you and would like to show their esteem as well as faithfulness to you. Another place where you can have the best vegetarian meals in Hue City is temples and pagodas. There are over 400 temples in Hue, including those in villages.

You can come to any pagoda on holidays to try living like a monk and having the most flavorful vegetarian meals in your life.

Common flavors in a vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet in Hue

Vegetarian diet in Hue

Hue vegetarian eating and drinking are extremely abundant with about 125 dishes. They can be made into a great number of vegetarian foods, which are as much delicious as non-vegetarian ones and very attractive to international travelers. By the hands and the love of Hue cooks, vegetarian dishes are incredibly tasty despite being made from simple and homemade ingredients.

The most well-known vegetarian foods in Hue are rice and cakes. The majority of them are processed according to unique recipes of Hue citizens. Furthermore, Hue dishes are elegant not only in the method that they are prepared but also in the way that they are presented.

Each dish always looks like a work of art, making it much more charming to diners. That is why cooks are required to have both professional skills and an undisturbed mind to make vegetarian foods. Otherwise, the dishes will be completely failed.

The most common vegetarian foods in a meal are rice, noodles, vegetarian chicken thighs, and fishes. The special feature of those dishes is that they are entirely made from plant materials. And when you try them, they taste just like real chicken and fish. This is exactly the best thing about Hue vegetarian diets. The calmer and more experienced the cook is, the more those dishes taste like real.

If you have vegetarian meals in pagodas, the appetizers are often grilled chopped meat and nem. Obviously, grilled chopped meat does not have any meat. Instead, it is made from tofu skin, a usual ingredient in Asian cuisine. Similarly, in place of meat, the primary ingredients of nem are wheat gluten and girdle cakes.

For main courses, rice and sticky rice are the most common dishes. Some temples often serve bamboo shoot and crab soup, which is totally made from corn, mushrooms, lotus seeds, and many vegetables. Moreover, if you visit pagodas on public holidays, you will have a chance to try bloating fern-shaped cakes, filter cakes, or glutinous rice cakes.

Dessert is the time for fruits and some sweetened porridge. Great news for people who are afraid of gaining weight is that you can fill your stomach with these vegetarian dishes and barely get fat. 

Some vegetarian restaurants in Hue City for tourists

In case you want to have a vegetarian food tour in Hue but neither have enough time visiting temples nor be invited by a local family, the following addresses are the most recommended restaurants. We hope that Vietnam culinary tours in Hue City will make a good impression on you.

  1. Lien Hoa Thu Quan (Number 3, Le Quy Don Street)
  2. Thanh Lieu Vegetarian Restaurant (Number 50, Nguyen Cong Tru Street)
  3. Lam Nhi Vegetarian Restaurant (Number 112A, Truong Chinh Street)
  4. Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant (Number 110A, Le Ngo Cat Street)

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