Alba Thanh Tan Hot Spring In Hue


Hue City is not just about the Imperial City. In fact, it is fortunately blessed with both natural beauty and man-made beauty, although that takes nothing away from the beauty of the ancient imperial city, its seven imperial tombs as well as other historical monuments of Vietnam. There is the river of Huong (Perfume), the pagoda of Thien Mu, the temple of Hon Chen, and especially the hot spring of Alba Thanh Tan.


Alba Thanh Tan hot spring

Even though there are a lot of types of travelers in this world, those who love hot springs always seem to be the wisest travelers of all. And those who include the Alba Thanh Tan Hue hot spring in their Hue tours for couple travel bucket are not an exception. No one can deny that the concept of a mineral-rich water resource deeply hidden thousands of meters underground, simple though it is, proves again and again to be one of the most captivating natural wonders on this wonderful place we call earth.

Besides being filled with such awe-inspiring beauty, the Alba Thanh Tan Hue hot spring also contains the large concentrations of Calcium Sulfate and Silicium, etc. which are good for your health. One thing to keep in mind: Alba Thanh Tan Hue might not be the grandest or the most voluminous, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful and the best places to have the senses of incredible serenity in your soul.

In some senses, a hot spring is a planet at its most fundamental. Even the grandest of hot springs is just a simple case of physics – no more than hot water bubbling up through the surface of the earth. However, your Hue tours spent at one of the most amazing natural wonders you can encounter will definitely be an unforgettable memory.


Alba Thanh Tan Resort

It takes about a 140-km drive from Da Nang City or a 30-km drive from Hue City center to reach the hot spring of Alba Thanh Tan Hue in Phong Son Commune, Phong Dien District, Hue City. But it is well worth the time and effort it takes to get access to this magnificent site to the northwest—a tourist area built in an area of 50 ha and a hot spring said to have been discovered 100 years ago.

You will have to acclaim the Alba Thanh Tan Hue hot spring as one of the must-see attractions in Hue especially when you get to immediately bathe in the warm streams or pure mineral water springs hovering around the hills with the temperature being able to reach around 68 degree Celsius at the starting point and down to 35 – 42 degree Celsius; at the same time take in the intriguing surrounding views of the Truong Son Range as well as these vibrant cottages looming in the picturesque combination with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and space of this charming land.

Another factor that makes the Alba Thanh Tan Hue hot spring different from others is its beauty and availability all year round. There is no need to plan your Hue tours during the monsoon season to this hot spring in its full swing. Whenever you go here, you have yourself a viable natural hot tub with the most photographed thermal feature in Central Vietnam.


Zipline fly in Alba Thanh Tan hot spring

In addition, the Alba Thanh Tan Hue hot spring is not all about winter activities. Tourists can stay overnight here to experience the five-star service of Alba Thanh Tan Resort or get a day pass with a chance to sample local food or take part in bonfire interacting, flying like a bird through the treetops with highwire, and free-flying overhead with zipline.

Have you ever been attracted by the shots of this ethereal water heaven, where white steam rises up from the vibrant water posted on Instagram? Then, make sure to go to at least one hot spring and soak in these geothermal waters! Want to have this kind of experience on your Hue luxury tour? Look no further than the Alba Thanh Tan Hue hot spring!

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