Join the Hue DMZ tours to know more about Vietnam War

Located in the middle of Vietnam, Hue has long been an attractive destination to explore in Vietnam you should not miss. Today, huetravelreview would like to introduce you some of the best Hue DMZ tours.

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How to fully enjoy your Hue tour?

Central Vietnam is the thin section of land that links Northern Vietnam with the South region. The region is made up of 3 administrative regions, which in turn comprises 19 First Tier units. They represent a complex mixture of spectacular beaches, karst caves, ancient ruins, cultures, and delicious cuisine.

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Where to go on a 7-day tour in Central Vietnam?

Central Vietnam is a thin strip of land that unites the Northern and Southern regions. Thanks to its great location, this lovely region offers tons of interesting things to do and impressive sights to contemplate over the other parts of the country and makes it such an ideal place to go for an unforgettable holiday.

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Something you need to know about cultural differences in Vietnam

What if you could see Vietnam differently? Instead of seeing a collection of 63 provinces, you see it as large chunks of land. Vietnam is often divided up into 3 geographical regions, each with its own set of values. Using these 3 regions can help to describe a larger area as well as to group together cities, provinces, and towns that are similar in features such as geography, climate, history, and culture.

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Best homestays for couples in Hue

Immerse yourself in a new culture, build new friendships, enjoy the home-made local cuisine, and even save some money without compromising on the comforts of a hotel, staying in one of the best homestays for couples in Hue is such a fabulous idea.

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5 charming beaches in Hue that you should pay a visit this summer

If you still think that traveling to Hue City is boring because there are only historic sites, then you are totally wrong. Apart from them, Hue is also full of other attractive tourist attractions, which can certainly bring you memorial Vietnam tailor-made tours.

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