Hue travel review: local cuisine review

Hue is the province in the Central part of Vietnam, which is most famous for different kinds of cakes. The Recommend by any Hue travel reviews, once you visit Hue – the ancient capital of Vietnam, do not miss chances to taste local foods in Hue.

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Guide to Hue city, Vietnam

Hue, a province located in the middle part of Vietnam, is famous for the most delicious cakes and attractive historical sites. Hue is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam, thus you can find it easy to take a local tour guide to Hue all year round.

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Think about Vietnam culture tours - Go for Hue's royal court music

Vietnam has long been known for its diverse cultural resources. For foreigners seeking a culture tour, Vietnam is an attractive destination, especially Hue. Hue used to be the capital of Vietnam, giving it a lot of cultural heritages, one of which is Hue royal court music (“Nha nhac cung dinh Hue” in Vietnamese).

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Set Hue Imperial Citadels aside - what does the city have?

When it comes to Hue, tourists might feel too bored with its imperial citadels. Some people even have no intention of visiting the city just because they don’t know what places else to go to. But in fact, Hue does have more to offer you. Read this article from huetravelreview to find out more.

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Hon Chen Temple Festival

If Huong Pagoda Festival is an integral part of Buddhist people in Vietnam, Hon Chen Temple Festival is one of the most important mother goddess religion (Đạo Mẫu) festivals within the country.

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Central Vietnam travel - 3 best places for Vietnam culture tours

Central Vietnam is blessed with not only wonderful beaches and unusual nature but also many world heritage sites and interesting festivals. For people who are interested in Vietnamese history and its rich culture, Central Vietnam travel is a must.

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