A history trip to the Imperial City in Vietnam

Do you know that there is a city in Vietnam that is called the Imperial City? Yes, I’m talking about Hue, a lovely city in the Centre Vietnam that is full of many historical vestiges like mausoleums and tombs. It’s a perfect place for history cravers and for someone who just loves to discover the thousand-years culture of Vietnam.

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Why is Hue an ideal place to explore the history of Vietnam?

With more than 4 thousand years of history, Vietnam is a haunted destination for history and culture buffs. And the most well-known place which possesses many significant vestiges of the ancient Vietnam is Hue – a former imperial capital located in Central Vietnam.

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Hue Travel Reviews: when and how to travel?

Talking about Hue, people often think of the ancient palaces and monuments which represent the glorious past of Vietnam. Everyone from all over the world wants to travel to Hue to see the vivid vestiges of the last feudal dynasty.

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Enjoy the authentic dishes with Hue Food Tour

Once the capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue has a distinctive culture that cannot be found anywhere else. Especially, Hue Cuisine is very unique, and the city is considered one of the regions with best delicacies in Vietnam. Hue Food Tours, hence, are designed to enable tourists to sample the heavenly tasty dishes in this poetic city.  

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Hue DMZ tours

Set in the Central region of Vietnam with the poetic Perfume River and old imperial citadel, Hue features on every traveler’s itinerary that travels to Vietnam the first time. The Central part of Vietnam territory is the land of heritage with six cultural heritage sites designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Hue contributes two sites to the list that are Complex of Hue monuments and Hue Royal Court Music.

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Hue Tailor-made tours

Thriving and flourishing, Hue in the middle of Vietnam, which was the home to the old Kings of Vietnam for 143 years (1802 – 1945), has enough charm to keep you staying as long as you can afford the time to visit. Here are top places for Hue tailor-made tours:

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