Bach Ma National Park – An Ideal Escapade Into The Wilderness In Hue


Yes, people on their essential Vietnam tour all know about the gorgeous Hue Imperial Citadel – UNESCO World Heritage Site! There is a handful of places to visit such as the mysterious “Forbidden Purple City” (with all its secret sites and its abundance of historically jaw-dropping sights), the Perfume River (with its romantic charms and its pure and fresh scent), and ferrtilized farmlands full of citrus-smelling trees that always catch your eye – but this hotspot in the middle of Vietnam has so much more to offer than just home to the old Kings of Vietnam.

It’s high time you venture into the wilderness of Bach Ma National Park – one of the most elite and most surreal national parks in Vietnam, especially if it is your very first time going on a trip exploring the beauty of Central Vietnam’s countryside.

Expanded close to the border of Laos, located right at the biogeographical borderline between The North and South of Vietnam, and within a close proximity to both Hue and Da Nang City in Central Vietnam – it is one of the more unique Vietnamese national parks that is dominated by the totally overwhelming natural landscape.

Bach Ma National Park – An Ideal Escapade Into The Wilderness In Hue


An Ideal Escapade Into The Wilderness In Hue

The park itself covers a total area of 40,000 unspoilt hectares. It is home to many hiking tracks. Each of them, which winds through tiny villages and over forested hills, takes people on their travel to Vietnam for the longest duration of one day. And some of these narrower hiking trails should be discovered from the road to Bach Ma Peak.

Best of all, if you head to the 1,450-meter summit of Bach Ma Mountain after hiking for an 18km-long trail, you will even stumble across some evidence of Vietnam war – when Bach Ma Mountain Peak was used as a helicopter landing base by the U.S. Army. The scenery covered in lush and uniformly green is literally so incredible to see! Thousands of rare bird species with Bach Ma National Park’s iconic image – the tenacious Edwards’ pheasant make it the premier spot for bird-watching.


The Edward’s pheasant

More than just the magnificent sights of the vast landscape of distinguished flora and fauna in the exotic tropical and sub-tropical forests on the exclusive mountain, Bach Ma National Park also offers a lot of interesting outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and mountain climbing owing to its exceptional mountainous landscape.

Bach Ma National Park – One Of The Best Hiking Destinations In Vietnam


Hiking in Bach Ma National Park

The presence of endless scenic walking, hiking, and trekking trails including the Rhododendron Trail, the 300-meter waterfall with 5 tiers, and the Pheasant Trail makes Bach Ma National Park a paradise for the best hiking as well as guided walking experiences in Vietnam. Those on their essential tour in Vietnam can also enjoy mountain climbing and swimming here.

Bach Ma National Park – A Great Summer Retreat


A Great Summer Retreat

If the gorgeous mountainous landscape makes Bach Ma National Park is perfect for mountain climbing, hiking, and trekking experiences in the winter months, the lower temperatures, a lot of cool lakes and waterfalls, and postcard-perfect French-architectural-style villas constructed during the time when French ruled Vietnam make it such a perfect summer retreat for people on their best tours in Vietnam during their leisure time. Why not pack your bag right now?

Bach Ma National Park

  • Location: Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province;
  • Best time to visit: All Year Round;
  • Entrance fee: VND 40,000;
  • Distance from Hue center: 40km;
  • How to reach: Feel Free to choose one of these options below:

By bus – the cheapest way;

By motorbike – the most flexible and exciting way;

By park guide’s car – the fastest but most expensive way;

  • Timings: Open 24 hours.

If you are planning to go on your essential Vietnam tour in Hue and just visiting all the popular tourist sites in the ancient imperial city or tasting Vietnamese royal cuisine or sampling Hue street food, then you are missing out on the real treasure of the city of nostalgia. Hue’s appealing side is beyond just historically jaw-dropping sights, culture, architecture, and cuisine. Outstanding among the enormous network of the totally stunning landscape is Bach Ma National Park that is just waiting for your exploration!

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