Dazzling With Paper Flowers Village In Hue Tours


Peaceful land of Hue has many traditional villages with a large number of skilled craftsmen. Up to now, some traditional handicraft villages in Hue have been developing strongly, providing products for people and creating special combined tours for Hue trade. Thanh Tien paper flower village is one of the traditional villages that adorn the national culture and is a destination for those who travel to Hue, Vietnam.

Downstream Huong river to ancient paper flower village

Located in Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue province, Thanh Tien paper craft villages is 7 km from Hue city, downstream Huong river. This is a famous village specializes in paper flowers. There are two main types, which are flowers used in worshiping with full color and romantic purple lotus paper flowers represented Hue’s beauty.


1. Thanh Tien paper flowers

Paper flowers are usually decorated in places of worship in the house, the shrine, pagodas, … After a while, because of the variety and richness in color and style, Thanh Tien paper flowers are used for festivals, cultural programs … As such, Thanh Tien paper flower village has become a breakthrough for the culture of folk beliefs and brings in high aesthetic value.

Thanh Tien Paper Flower Village appeared more than 300 years ago and is listed in one of the handicrafts from the 16th to 19th centuries of Dai Nam unification. In order to preserve the work of sire, the young generation of the village had to overcome difficulties and changes of modern society to retain the soul of the village, the culture of Hue.

The brilliance of paper flowers

Coming to Thanh Tien village, tourists will be surprised by the color and the vivid of paper flowers here.  Paper flowers in Hue differ from other places with the philosophy of Oriental Confucianism in each flower. Each branch has 8 main flowers.

The advantage of Thanh Tien paper flower is the richness of color and different kinds of flowers. Due to those characteristics that the official production time of this craft is usually at the end of the year. But in order to have the best and most complete ingredients, craft man have to prepare thoroughly for the whole year, from choosing paper, making colors, dyeing paper …


2. The diversity of color and kind

The secret to paper flowers is the color so that the paper is a durable color. Florists do not use industrial chemicals but instead, they use resins and leaves to make dyes in a traditional way so the flowers retain their color permanently.


3. Thanh Tien lotus

Thanh Tien paper flower village has many kinds of flowers such as orchid, rose, dahlia and many others, but the most famous one is the lotus. The lively lotus paper flowers were created by the artist Mr. Than Van Huy with the ideal inspired from traditional paper flowers. Lotus paper here has only appeared from 2008.

The colorful lotus paper was carefully formed with detailed and unique stamping technique of this village combined with silk painting techniques. To make beautiful lotus flowers requires the artist to be patient and meticulous. Lotus is a commodity that many people and tourists choose to buy as a souvenir. It was not until 2008 that these flowers were made available for sale and tourism.

Trancing in carnivals with vivid paper flower


4. Thanh Tien paper flower in festivals

Thanh Tien lotus flower has been known through the Hue Festival, cultural arts programs, exhibitions, fairs, Hue traditional craftsmanship, Ao Dai festival … Thanh Tien lotus not only attracts local people but also foreigner tourists from all around the world. The flower is advertised in both the country and European countries, America … It has created the brand Thanh Tien lotus in and outside the country.

Thanh Tien paper flower village is the place to honor the traditional craft, where conservation and preservation of cultural values of craft villages. They have created a valuable and meaningful brand name for Vietnam. So when traveling in Hue tours, tourists now know where to go in Hue and should visit this paper flower village at least one to have a chance to admire the flowers and feel the soul of the traditional crafts of Vietnam.

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