Enjoy Bun Bo Hue – must-try food in a Vietnam culinary tour


Hue is the most charming and poetic city of Vietnam. It’s famous for romantic scenery, hospitable people, historical relics, cultural activities, and delicious foods. One of the must-try foods you shouldn’t miss in your Vietnam culinary tours in this city is Bun Bo Hue. And today’s travel review is going to introduce you this attractive Vietnamese cuisine.

1. Overview

Bun Bo Hue or vermicelli with beef broth is the most popular and favorite Vietnam street food in Hue. To cook Bun Bo Hue, you need to take a lot of complicated steps, from cooking the broth, to choosing fresh ingredients, seasoning and mix them together to have the true taste. The soul of this food is the charming broth of this dish. Bun Bo Hue is considered the soul of this charming city. To make a wonderful dish of Bun Bo Hue, first of all, you should choose the most delicious, and fresh ingredients.


[Bun Bo Hue]

2. Choose ingredients

The very first step of cooking this dish is choosing the fresh beef and pig legs. You should choose the beef shank. If possible, choose the T-bone steak to cook this dish. You’d better choose the front legs of pork as the meat is more lean, firm, and therefore, tastier. The, you buy a few aitchbones to cook the broth.

Besides this, you will need Hue’s shrimp paste, many seasonings like lemongrass, ginger, dried onion, garlic, chili powder, seasoning powder, sugar, cashew oil, vermicelli, fragrant raw vegetables like coriander, Coriandrum sativum, fresh scallion, sliced banana flower. In addition, you can prepare some grilled pork, spring roll, grilled chopped crab meat, coagulated pig’s blood.

3. Process beef

Firstly, you need to wash, remove the leftover hairs, cut off all the nails, and wash again. Then, you cut the pork’s legs into medium round pieces. After that, you put pork’s legs and beef bones into a pot of boiling water, cook it until it boils again, then, you pour out some broth. Rinse off the dirty spume on the pork’s legs and beef bones.


[Fresh beef for the dish]

4. Cook the soup

To cook the broth, you put the pork’s legs, beef bones and T-bone steak in a pot together, add lemongrass, and crushed purple onion. Pour water into the pot and stew for one to two hours. You should not boil the steak too soft because the nutrients in the steak can be lost. If you do not boil it well enough, the steak will be tough. After boiling for 30 minutes, take the steak out to check whether it is cooked well or not and keep stewing pork’s leg and beef bone on the small fire. Add some onion makes the broth smell fragrant. Remember not to add cold water into the broth while cooking because the bone will no longer taste sweet. You should add warm water instead.


[Broth of Bun Bo Hue]

When the broth boils, add some salt and continue cooking until there is a third of the broth left. Add 3 tablespoons of shrimp paste in cool water, stir well and wait until the residue settle down, take the clear water and add into the broth. Then, season the broth with fish sauce, sugar, and a little seasoning powder.


[A traditional food]

While cooking the broth, you can fried chopped lemongrass with a little oil. Steep to take out the oil, heat it and add cashew oil in. Then, pour the heated cashew oil into the broth.

5. A bowl of Bun Bo Hue

Cut the steak into thin slices, dip the vermicelli in the broth and take it out and put into a bowl. Place grilled chopped scab, coagulated pig’s blood, sliced steak, sliced onion, chopped coriander, Coriandrum sativum, and fresh scallion on the vermicelli, and then, pour the broth over. It would taste better when eaten with sliced banana flower, fried chili, and some drops of lemon juice. This food is a great attraction that you should try in your Vietnam culinary tours in Hue. It’s not only a delicious food but also the cultural symbol of this city. You can try this food in many cities in Vietnam, but it would be most wonderful when you try it in Hue.


[True taste of Bun Bo Hue]

Visiting the poetry and charming city of Hue in a Vietnam food tour, you shouldn’t miss trying Bun Bo Hue – the most famous specialty of this city. You can also learn to cook it for your family and friends after returning from your trip to let them enjoy this delicious dish.

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