Explore the folk culture of Vietnam through Hue festivals


Hue is the old capital of Vietnam with a rich history, diverse culture, and hospitable people. This is a wonderful land of unique folk festivals attracting thousands of tourists every year, and Hue is also one of the most attractive destinations when tourists want to experience a Vietnam festival tour.

The long-standing tradition in Hue is a pride of Vietnamese culture, which will surely impress and satisfy any tourist coming to Hue. There are so many things to do in Hue, let’s take a look at some of the most famous Hue festivals and activities with

Hon Chen Temple festival

Ceremonies at Hon Chen Temple are amazingly solemn. Before the sacrifice ceremony, the villagers receive all the Gods to the village by palanqueens covered by religious decoration. The main ceremony is held at the communal house. The most important and solemn greeting ceremony is for Thien Y A Na Holy mother from Hue Nam to Cat Hai communal house. This festival is a quintessence of folk culture on Huong River with full of twin boats, colorful flags, and incense sticks, local people and tourist all together pilgrimage to Hon Chen Temple that worships the Holy mother.

Hon Chen temple festival

Hon Chen Temple Festival (Source: Internet)

Fish praying festival in Thai Duong Ha

The festival is annually held on January 12 to commemorate the village's king, Truong Quy Cong, a nickname of Truong Thieu, who was originally from Hanoi and helped local people with fishing and trading boats. This festival has a special practice that celebrates marine activities every three years. In the yard people do "grid games", describing how to grid on the shore. Many local people participate in this great festival of Thua Thien Hue every year.

Fish praying festival in Thai Duong Ha

Fish praying festival in Thai Duong Ha (Source: Internet)

Traditional boat racing

The festival lasts one day and is held annually on the National Day of Independence. It is actually a whole new festival which started to be held after the 1975 Southern Liberation Day. The race venue is Huong River before Quoc Hoc Hue University. The festival’s aims are to create favorable conditions for young men and women to have the opportunity to compete on the waterways, thereby helping to improve their health and creating a happy and healthy atmosphere for all everyone. Moreover, the race is also the tradition of the local people to pray for good weather and bumper harvests. This is a cultural beauty of local people in the coastal fishing village. Along with the people of fishing villages, the festival also attracts a large number of domestic and international visitors to participate in, helps to promote and attract tourists in the New Year.

Traditional boat racing in Hue

Traditional boat racing in Hue (Source: Internet)

Sinh village’s wrestling festival

Being held on the 10th of January lunar year, the festival of wrestling is organized at the village of Lai An Village, Phu Vang District (TT-Hue). This is a traditional cultural activity, famous for the public martial arts performance. Wrestlers will play in a circle. The festival is also a chance to have fun in the early spring and encourage young people to improve health and courage. Sinh village’s wrestling festival promotes the authentic martial arts, it is not important who the winner is so wrestlers are not allowed to seriously hurt the others and all the wrestlers participating will be rewarded.

Sinh village wrestling festival

Sinh village’s wrestling festival in Hue (Source: Internet)

The best time to travel Hue is at the beginning of the year (normally January or February during the Lunar New Year) or in the middle of the year if tourists want to experience and participate in some of Hue festivals. Besides folk cultural festivals, Hue has remained a lot of historical vestiges which were built under Nguyen Dynasty, the unique cuisine, and kind-hearted people. Don’t hesitate to book a tour and it will not disappoint you.

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