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Exploring Hue with Vietnam local tour operator


If you like traditional values and ancient remains, you should take a visit to Hue at least once in your life. Hue is one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam that attracts thousands of tourists coming here every year.

However, before starting your Hue travel, you should know some necessary information about its weather and must-go destinations. Therefore, in this article, we,  as a Vietnam local tour operator will give you some useful advice.

Hue’s climate is separated into 2 seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season is from March to August, the rainy season starts from August to January. Spring lasts from January to late February, the temperature is about 20°C. At that time, the weather is really cool and makes people feel comfortable. It is considered to be the best time to travel Hue. Where should you go?

As usual, in February, Vietnamese people welcome their traditional holiday – Tet. Over Tet, Vietnamese people will have many interesting activities to prepare for the most important event. Especially, streets and houses are decorated very beautifully and sparklingly.

One of the most interesting activities which many foreign tourists like is making Chung Cake. You can find a local household and take part in these activities with them. Chung Cake is a traditional Vietnamese food which has been kept by many generations. In Hue, the traditional custom is still preserved until now without losing its original value.

Making Chung Cake is a traditional habit of Vietnamese

Making Chung Cake is a traditional habit of Vietnamese

You can go to Hue Imperial City. It was built from 1804 to 1833. Because this place has a large area, people should spend one day to gaze with veneration on its admirable architecture. In here, tourists can feel and the feudal dynasty in Vietnam thoroughly. At present, the Hue Imperial City is open until 10 p.m. Therefore, you will have chances to enjoy its twinkling beauty with lamplight. Furthermore, you can experience exciting activities like royal dance, elegant music, etc. Particularly, on the first day of Lunar New Year, Hue Imperial City will open freely.

Hue Imperial City on the first days of Lunar New Year

Hue Imperial City on the first days of Lunar New Year

Moreover, you can also go to many pagodas in the city. Going to pagodas is a traditional activity at the beginning of the New Year. They come here and pray for health, safety, and success in the next year. It is also a chance for them to remind and express their respect to the ancestor who gives them beautiful life at present. In a busy life, if you have a chance to visit temples or pagodas in Hue, you will feel quite peaceful. Don’t forget to burn an in incense stick and pray everything lucky for you and your family when you travel to Hue in Tet.

However, travelers can choose May as the ideal time for Hue journey. At that time, you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and immerse your body in cool water at many beaches. You may think about Danang when you want to visit the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, but there are many attractive beaches in Hue which you should not ignore such as Thuan An, Lang Co. There is nothing more fantastic than to enjoy the beach’s beauty, clean air and fresh seafood on the seashore. That’s the reason why Hue is always on top hottest destinations in Vietnam.

The gorgeous scenery of Thuan An beach

The gorgeous scenery of Thuan An beach

If you want to find out detail information about Hue, the ideal time for you is in December when the Hue Festival occurs. The great event is held every two years. It is a good chance for everyone understand about Hue’s history, culture, etc. However, one of the best tips for foreign tourists when travelling in Hue is finding Vietnam local guides. They will guide you where you should go, what you should do in Hue Festival. In some situations, the guides will become memorable friends whenever you think about Vietnam.

Especially, you should remember that there is a flood season in October. Therefore, it is not really good time for someone who wants to choose the city for their vacations.

We just give you some typical information about Hue. Hope that as Vietnam local tour operators, we helped understand partly about the romantic city. Have nice trips to Hue and enjoy your holidays.

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