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Have you ever visited Hue city in the rainy season?


Hue is a peaceful and quiet city. It has long been famous for the ancient features since the old days. Coming to Hue on sunny days, the city looks more colorful and refreshed, which is super suitable for a Hue group tour. But, do you know that Hue city is also very beautiful on rainy days.

Rainy season – the low tourist season

Rainy season in Hue often starts from September to December, from torrential, flooding rains to gloomy, light ones until April of next year. Normally, people do not even want to go out or travel on rainy days. However, having a Hue tour on rainy days will definitely become a memorable experience because the old citadel always skilfully turns the rain into its “specialty”.


Visiting Hue on rainy days

Even though it may be not the best time to visit Hue, thanks to the worry of most tourists, the rainy season of Hue has become the low season with only a few tourists, so you will not have to worry about the lack of accommodation or crowded restaurants, etc. Instead of that, you can enjoy the whole holiday in a peaceful place, and now even more enjoyable when tourists are quite sparse.

Rainy season – Romantic as a love story

It is difficult to deny that many romantic stories usually happen with the rain. Waking in the rain under the umbrella with hands joined together or wearing colourful raincoats to visit Hue, running to escape the sudden rain, etc. are all the experiences that bring people closer together. Interestingly, in the rains, any of the corridors and bridges in Hue royal architecture can become a temporary shelter for couples who are holding their hands together.


Walking in the rain

The romance of Hue rain has been the great inspiration for many poets and writers as a special gift of heaven and earth. From the poems, paintings to the music are imbued with the deep, sad beauty of the Hue that no place has to attract visitors.

Rainy season – Time to enjoy the hot dishes

Hue cuisine is extremely diverse, and the price is very cheap. From “banh canh”, “banh loc”, “banh beo”, “banh nam”, etc. to “bun Hue”, “nem lui”, “com hen”, etc, all of them become better than ever. In addition, because of the rain, tourists will spend more time to enjoy the sophistication of the delicious specialties of Hue during the Hue Vietnam tailor-made tours.

Rainy season and a hot cup of tea


A cup of coffee and rain

Hue has many ideal places for rain viewing such as Vong Canh Hill, Lau Ngu Phung (Ngo Mon Gate), Ngu Binh Mountain Peak, the high floors of hotels along Huong River, etc. or simply a café, tea shop overlooking the street. You can choose a hot cup of tea, keep in the hands to get some warmth and occasionally take a sip, tell several stories with friends or sometimes you can just sit alone sipping a hot coffee and watching the rain. It is such a peaceful moment that you rarely see in the crowded cities. And if you are a little more subtle, by looking at the teapots, teacups or tea trays, etc. you can easily see the unique here created by Hue people to match with the continuous rains of this land.

Rainy season and the indoor entertaining activities

If the rains become an obstacle for outdoor activities, then they give the recreational indoor activities an opportunity to develop, making people socialize, share and get closer. For example, the rain is suitable for the needs of retreat, meditation, enjoying poetry, music, tea, coffee, etc. The tourism routes to visit Hue ancient city is quite diverse, from rain viewing destinations to beautiful and suitable rain shelters with the general architecture of the old citadel.


Riding on a cyclo

In addition to that, the special means of transportation of Hue in the rainy season such as cyclos, dragon boats, etc. as well as the souvenir shops also have the attractive beauty of the rain in Hue. Perhaps, after this Hue tour, you will love the rainy season of this land more, and who knows that you would love to return to Hue in the rainy season.

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