Hue Night Markets for Different Tastes


From listening to Hue traditional folk songs on the Perfume River, admiring the Trang Tien Bridge, experiencing the mysterious and shimmering beauty of  Hue Citadel at night, and wandering the streets to immersing yourself in the vibrant music at bars, there is plenty of nightlife in Hue. But not all of it appeals to young families, those on their Vietnam tours for couples, and those tired of the all-day bistros or club or elegant bar scene. Night markets are likely to fill the void by providing a casual spot where locals and foreigners alike can mingle with a glass of mango shake, buzzy, a carnival-like atmosphere, and uncountable amazing Hue food.

Hue Night Market on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street (Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street)


Hue at night

Unlike Hue’s sleeping beauty, its night market is usually loud and chaotic. Don’t expect it to be a calm one. This night market along the Perfume  River (Huong River) offers the kind of atmospheric, sensory shopping experience which food courts, shopping malls, multinational clothing chains, and stores elsewhere often lack.

With some live sounds, local cuisine cooked before your eyes, Hue Night Market is one of the best places to be on your best tours in Vietnam to get the good shopping deals and awesome food treats as well as to rub elbows with Vietnamese and foreign tourists out for a night of loads of casual fun.

If you want to explore the unique culinary offerings of a new travel destination, there is no better choice than a plethora of night markets. And those on their best tours in Vietnam will find no difference. Where to find the best local food on your day tour? Most people will tell you about Dong Ba Market. But when the sun sets, it will be Hue Night Market.


What to eat in night markets

While you will find vendors selling everything from handicraft and clothing to consumer goods and decorative items every night from 5.00.P.M. to 11.00.P.M., the real treat of the market is its stunning food. Pearl milk tea, sweet soup, beef vermicelli, rice cakes, and mussel rice are some local delicacies not to be missed.

Run by locals predominantly for locals, the night market on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street with a row of 11 ancient houses, food stalls, and vendor shops also offer travelers on their Vietnam day tours an insight into our ancient city’s authentic culture. One of them is the bargaining culture. Don’t hesitate to discuss the price with the owner and have an unforgettable experience!

No matter what you are expecting on your essential Vietnam tours – to walk around to talk with really welcoming and hospitable local people, to find the ideal memento to take home, to delight in the varied local cuisine, or just to see what’s on display, Hue Night Market will not make you disappointed.

Lamp Night Market on To Hien Thanh Street (Tô Hiến Thành Street)


Hue Night Market

This market on To Hien Thanh Street comprises a row of 23 vendor shops spreading an area of total 100 square meters. This light night market opens every night from 5.30 P.M. to 10.00.P.M. This market started a few years ago to give local families and entrepreneurs a place to sell to the public without the regulatory hoops, but it now hosts some of the city’s finest souvenirs and handicrafts.

More than just a place to go for handmade souvenirs and handicrafts, this night market is an excellent place to delight in the local cuisine or watch Hue people, especially the young in their daily activities. Between purchases, you can try incredibly good eats such as Hue sweet soup or bubble tea, have some informative conversations with friendly students who are eager to practice their English or pose for photographs with a wide range of petit yet lovely lamps on display.

Considered as an assault on the senses as well as on the wallet or a mainstay in our country for decades, Hue Night Markets where you can haggle for souvenirs and feast on mouthwatering yet cheap street food is some of Vietnam’s best traditional markets to visit on your Vietnam day tours!

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