Hue Tours – Interesting experiences for couples


Vietnam owns many beautiful cities, which attract thousands of tourists every year. If almost all people choose Danang for their Center Vietnam, someone wants to pick Hue because of its beauty. Especially, the city is considered as one of the most ideal for couples when they want to enjoy their holiday. In the article, we will give you some recommendations when you have the intention to visit Hue.

Bach Ma National Park

It is very well-known for the variety of plants and animals as well as beautiful nature. The park is far from the central city about 40 kilometers. There are also many spots to go for sightseeing such as Do Quyen fall, Tri Sao Fall, Ngu Lake, Cho Den forest, Truc Lam Temple. You may be tired after climbing to see the temple. However, it is totally worth doing that because the scenery is quite beautiful and the atmosphere is also fresh. Moreover, many exciting activities may make tour for couple in Hue more meaningful.

The green and fresh space in Bach Ma National Park

The green and fresh space in Bach Ma National Park

Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is always chosen in many Hue tours. The bay is far from the center of the city about 70 kilometers. This bay is even in the top “The most beautiful bay in the world in 2009”. The best time for an ideal visit to Lang Co Bay is from April to at the end of July when the weather is cool and doesn’t rain. It is also the suitable time for couples who want to have a romantic atmosphere in their travels.

Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam

Huong River- Ngu Mountain

They are considered the symbol of the city’s nature. When someone mentions the Huong River, others will think about the Ngu Moutain automatically. It is undeniable that the Huong River is the most romantic place in Hue and even many people think it is the most romantic river in Vietnam. The Ngu (Ngu Binh) is trapezium-shaped and 105 meters in height. From the top of this mountain, people can observe the panoramic view of Hue city. Tour operators in Vietnam are very friendly and always willing to provide you with useful information related to the destination.

Huong River and Ngu Moutain

Huong River and Ngu Moutain – the symbol of Hue City

Hue Imperial City

Although Hue Imperial City is a historical monument, it still is a romantic place for lovers. Especially, many couples visit the destination at night because of its twinkling beauty.

Hue Imperial City was built from 1804 to 1833. Covering a large area, it generally takes the whole day to gaze with veneration at its admirable architecture. In here, tourists can study the feudal dynasty in Vietnam thoroughly. Furthermore, you can experience exciting activities like royal dance, elegant music, etc. At present, the Hue Imperial City is open until 10 p.m. Therefore, you will have chances to enjoy its sparkling beauty illuminated by lamplight.

Hue Imperial City is extremely romantic at night

Hue Imperial City is extremely romantic at night

Thuan An Beach

Traveling to Hue, you cannot forget Thuan An Beach. This beach is estimated as one of the most charming beaches in Hue in particular and Vietnam in general. The best time to visit Thuan An Beach is from April to September. It attracts a lot of tourists because of its feral coastline and blue water. Thuan An beach’s breathtaking scenery makes people imagine that they are living in paradise. Many couples also choose the beach for their wedding photos or honeymoons.

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach attracts a lot of tourists by its fresh beauty

Truc Lam Monastery

Truc Lam Monastery is on the top destination must-go in Hue. It is located at the foot of the Bach Ma Mountain. When visiting here, people will feel really peaceful and forget all the difficulties in daily life. That is the reason why there are many people coming here every day. Especially, in summer vacation, many activities are held for children. The volunteers can come here and take part in these activities. The meaningful experiences absolutely make their travels memorable.

Many tourists think about Hue along with the ancient beauty. However, romantic side is also its strength which helps the city attract a lot of guests every day. In particular, Hue tours have some special destinations that create unforgettable impressions in each traveler’s mind whenever they come there. 

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