Hue vegetarian diet – Fantastic culture in Vietnam day tours


A vegetarian diet is an integral part to people in Hue City. They have vegetarian food not only on important public holidays but also almost every day. Let’s take part in Vietnam day tours to discover the special vegetarianism in this City.

A great tradition that is being well-preserved


Vegan food in hue

Hue City is regarded as the world of Buddhism in Vietnam, where a lot of pagodas and temples are located. Perhaps, this is why vegetarian food is extremely diverse and Hue cuisine is quite exclusive. If you visit the city, especially in Yulan festival, without trying a vegetarian meal, it will be a huge mistake.

The habit of having vegetarian dishes had started in Hue since Ly – Tran Dynasty. Most members of the royal family at that time were vegans. Due to the propaganda of kings and queens, the habit became a routine. And then, the routine became a tradition, which had been preserving by generations of Hue citizens.

Today, a great number of them are still vegans. Some keep permanent vegetarian diets. Several others do it monthly or annually. And the rest have vegetarian meals whenever they are interested.

Each of them has different purposes, such as to embrace religion, morals, have better health, or simply to change their appetite. However, everything contributes to a higher goal, which is to protect Hue unique culture from other factors caused by modern society.

Making vegetarian food is an art

There are some Hue culinary tours where you will learn how to make vegetarian foods. You should look for them in case you want to know how sophisticated the dishes are.

Most women in Hue are good at making vegetarian food. They believe that inviting guests to their vegetarian meals is a way to show their love and appreciation. Also, this is often a chance for women to perform their cooking skills. The more beautiful and delicious the dishes are, the more proficient the cook is.


Common dishes

One feature that turns vegan-food-makers into artists is the flavor of the dishes, which has to be similar to non-vegetarian ones. It means that the cooks can still make lean pork paste, roasted cinnamon pork, chicken, or nem out of vegan products and spices.

By using tofu, green beans, mushrooms, tofu skin, and many other ingredients, the cooks can prepare a whole party. Anyone who does not know about this may think that all of the dishes are non-vegetarian. Another exceptional thing is that both of the flavors and appearance of the food are impressive.

The appearance always reveals the creativity of the cook and deceives diners’ senses. Because of the eaters’ admiration for the cook’s talent, vegetarian dishes seem to be more flavorful.

Some common vegetarian food that you can have when in Hue

  • Cha lua

Unlike grilled chopped meat, cha lua is made from bananas or tofu skin with vegetable oil, salt, seasoning powder, and peppers. After being wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, cha lua will look and taste just like real meat. Joining in Vietnam group tours, you will have a chance to learn how to make this.

  • Cha que

Cha que is another type of vegetarian dish that is made from tofu skin. You can find quite many similarities between this food and cha lua. The only differences are the ingredients. Cha que has sugar and cinnamon powder while cha lua has none. Together with cha lua, cha que is a common food in Hue family’s meal on Tet Holiday.


Tofu skin

  • Fried ribs

Obviously, there is no rib in this dish. Instead, it is made from sweet potatoes and green beans. After being fried, the dish has a red color just like fully-cooked ribs.

  • Chicken salad

To make the dish look like real chicken, cooks usually use wheat gluten mixed with parsley, peppers, and salt. This vegetarian food is mostly found in meals for Buddhists in pagodas.

  • Che hat sen

This type of vegan food is made from lotus seed, which is perfect for heat-relieving. Lotus seed used to be a rare ingredient in Hue City. Hence, only the kings and royal family had the right to use it in their daily meals.

Where can you have the best vegetarian meal in Hue?

  • Ba Minh Vegetarian Restaurant (4 Han Thuyen Street)
  • Bo De Vegetarian Restaurant (11 Le Loi Street)
  • Thien Phu Vegetarian Restaurant (302 Phan Chu Trinh Street)
  • An Binh Vegetarian Restaurant (62 Dinh Tien Hoang Street)
  • Dieu Am Vegetarian Restaurant (42 Thai Phien Street)

These places will give you the most excellent vegetarian food while having Vietnam day tours in Hue City.

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