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Is cycle the best way to get around Hue Ancient City?


If you are heading to Hue – one of the most important destinations in Vietnam in terms of history and culture on your Central Vietnam group tours and are stressing out about how to get around the ancient city once you get there, take a deep breath and relax. While Hue is a pretty large city on the banks of the Perfume River with its twenty seven administrative divisions and the sightseeing spreading out and scattered around a big area containing downtown, the suburban area, and the outskirts of the city, they have done a great job with public transportation and it is not as hard as you might think to get around the city.

Is cyclo the best way to get around Hue?


Cyclo in Hue

There is no bad way to see Hue Ancient City, whether it is by taxi, motorbike taxi, motorcycle, bicycle, or private car. But, if traveling has always been one of your passions exposing you to new cultures and experiences, nothing seems to beat cycling around Hue – the less energetic yet more interesting way to get around town.

If you have visited Hue Ancient City on your Central Vietnam tours before, you have most likely seen the simple cyclos, which are available for rent at any of the spots around the city. It is such a fun and cheap way of getting through the picturesque country along mainly quiet lanes to get access to the sights nearby the city, and you will get to see the city without getting blisters from walking everywhere.

There are many reasons to cycle around Hue. One cyclo is favored as it is the best way to weave in and out of every corner of Hue City. The other reason is cyclos are everywhere in our ancient city and they can easily be rented in the city at a reasonable price. For example, no cyclo trip inside the urban area and the Imperial city should cost more than VND 20,000 (less than USD $1). In addition, our ancient city is full of narrow crossroads and how could you admire its poetic beauty from a taxi’s or other cars’ windows?


Is cyclo the best way to get around Hue?

Can you imagine a more romantic and greater way to experience the Capital of the last royal monarchy in the history of Vietnam and watch the slow life pass on the old house and the architecture of Hue old capital than by a cyclo with a covered top in case of rain and a strong, friendly, and knowledgable driver – who is not really good at English but eager to tell you everything about the Ancient Capital of Hue, its history, its structure, its garden house, etc. while taking you around all the tombs and to some hidden sights? Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself going with the drivers, who not only have many interesting stories to tell but also take you to a hidden place where you can have spring rolls or Hue savory pancakes and some beer just for around $10.

How to deal with your cyclo or xich lo drivers?


Cyclo tour in Hue – an unforgettable experience

Whether it is your first or second time going on your Vietnam tours, a good rule of thumb is always pinpoint your destinations on the map and negotiate a fixed price with your cyclo driver before climbing aboard. A short ride inside the urban area and the Imperial city often begins at around VND 40,000 (~USD $1.7). For longer trips, stand for half of the price quoted. If they quote extortionate prices, feel free to walk away.

Hire xich lo at local hotels and travel agencies to get in touch with English speaking drivers is also not a bad idea. However, if you are planning to cycle the countryside outside of the city, it is best to rent a cyclo at your destination rather than renting one in the city and riding out. 

You are physically lazy and for you, it is much more pleasant to cycle few minutes to get somewhere then it is to take half an hour to get there? Then, there is no better way to travel on uncongested tree-lined streets to get access to uncountable tourist sites – each with its own distinctive flavor – than cycling around Hue!

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