Set Hue Imperial Citadels aside – what does the city have?


When it comes to Hue, tourists might feel too bored with its imperial citadels. Some people even have no intention of visiting the city just because they don’t know what places else to go to. But in fact, Hue does have more to offer you. Read this article from huetravelreview to find out more.

Where to go?

Pârle ecotourism

Pârle is not within the city. However, it’s only 50 km from Hue, so think about it!

At the site, you will have the chance to immerse in its beautiful sceneries with streams and waterfalls. An old-growth forest surrounds the ecotourism, making the atmosphere extremely clean and relaxing. Plus there is a grotto system with fresh water running from the mountains. Many visitors enjoy bathing in this source of water, as they believe it’s completely natural and yet to be contaminated. Also, at Pârle, the tourists are served with lots of delicious specialties, such as grilled fish, grilled chicken with chili and pepper.

Pârle ecotourism

Pârle ecotourism provides the visitors with no luxurious service but its authentic beauty

Carlsberg Vietnam Brewery

Visiting a beer manufacturer seems to be a little bit weird, but to those who adore beer, this would be an unforgettable experience.

Carlsberg Brewery is a fascinating destination for beer lovers and tourists who are interested in learning about brewing procedures. Here you will be able to observe the process of brewing beer and the beer packing of some well-known brands such as Huda and Carlsberg.

Inside the campus, there is a small museum presenting the history of Carlsberg and its journey since entering Vietnam market.

Last but not least, you can also try 14 tastes of beer around the world for free!

Carlsberg Vietnam Brewery in Hue

The entrance to Carlsberg Vietnam Brewery in Hue

Dong Ba market

Dong Ba market is not only a major commercial centre but it’s also a famous tourist attraction.

The market consists of a three-floor building and the surrounding area for small traders. On the first floor, you can find dried seafood and many flavours of Hue shrimp sauce. Along coastal Vietnam, sauces made from fish and shrimp is popular. But according to Hue travel guides, sauce here is extremely special as the ingredients are carefully chosen and always fresh. The second floor presents crafts and souvenirs made by Hue craftsmen. These people have been making and selling their products for years, so they are very experienced in creating sophisticated stuff. Visitors are fond of Phu Cam conical hats, Phuoc Tich bowls and cups, Da Le bamboo baskets and mattresses,… Moving upstairs, you will be overwhelmed with colourful silk. Hue silk is of high quality, so grab this chance to buy some and get yourself an Ao dai.

Dong Ba market

Dong Ba market

What to do?

Things to do in Hue Vietnam are definitely not limited to touring Hue imperial citadels and Vietnam culture tour. In this peaceful city, tourists can take part in plentiful activities.

Listening to ca tru on Huong river

Huong Giang river is often considered as a symbol of Hue. Meanwhile, ca tru is unique to Vietnam’s culture. Every day when the sun sets, you can get on a boat on Huong river and listen to Hue artists sing ca tru while slowly sight-seeing the city.

Listening to music on Huong river used to be a type of recreation of the royal members and noble people in Hue years ago. Today, all visitors to this city have the opportunity to enjoy this special art, which turns out to be a long-lasting memory for many of them.

Huong river

Boats gathering on Huong river


Ziplining is popular with a lot of young people. By hanging on long cables and sliding down from the summit of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, you will have an extremely exciting experience. In Hue visitors can try the zipline at Thanh Tan Stream. Along the zipline, you can view the charming sceneries and feel the pleasant wind blow in your ears.

Ziplining on Thanh Tan Stream in Hue

Ziplining on Thanh Tan Stream in Hue

Now you know what to do in Hue beside visiting Hue imperial citadels. If you still can’t believe this, go there and explore!




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