Tailor-made Hue food tour


Known as the Imperial City, Hue is not only famous for the ancient Citadel and various royal relics but it is also the ideal destination for foodies to explore the culinary art of this ancient city. If you have the chance to visit Hue, don’t forget to take part in a tailor-made Hue food tour to enjoy the best experiences during your Vietnam travel.

Must-eat Hue food

1. Bun Bo Hue

Your Hue travel would not be complete without tasting a bowl of bun bo Hue. Not only a feature of Hue cuisine, bun bo is one of Vietnam specialty. It has the hot and sweet flavor of the broth, the spiciness of chilies while meatballs are soft. Shredded banana flowers, bean sprout and lettuce served with bun bo are fresh.

Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue

2. Com hen (rice and mussels)

Com hen seems to be a quick and easy meal, but it requires a complicated process to make it a specialty. Mussels are stir-fried with chopped onions, shrimp paste, and pork rinds before mixed with cooked rice. After that, it will be served with various herbs.

3. Banh bot loc

Banh bot loc is not only a specialty in Hue but also a popular dish that you can find around the country. You can try it in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang, but it never tastes like banh bot loc in Hue. I was charmed by its flavor since the moment I ate the first banh bot loc in here. It tastes soft, a little bit tough, sweet, salty from shrimp, fatty from pork and spicy from fish sauce. Be careful! Once you take your first bite, you cannot stop!

4. Banh beo (water fern cake)

Rice flour and cornstarch are mixed with water before poured into tiny flat bowls and steamed. Before serving, minced stir-fried shrimps and chopped spring onions are put on the top of banh beo, creating the sweet, spicy and salty flavor.

Banh beo

Banh beo (water fern cake)

5. Che hem

Known as a common sweet dessert in Vietnam, che appears everywhere, from street-side restaurants, street hawkers to local markets. Che hem can be seen as a specialty of Hue street food. Various ingredients can be put in a cup of che: red beans, black eye peas, green peas, coconut milk, some kinds of fruits and much more. Customers can choose the ingredients depending on their taste.

Some highly recommend restaurant in Hue

1. Bun bo Hue

We recommend Bun bo Hue restaurant on Nguyen Du St

2. Banhcanh

We recommend Ba Doi restaurant at 9 Nguyen Trai St

3. Com hen (rice with mussels)

We recommend Tam Phuc restaurant at 7 Hung Binh St

4. Banh beo

We recommend Ba Do restaurant at 7 Nguyen Binh Khiem St

5.Banh bot loc

We recommend Hang Me Me restaurant at Vo Thi Sau St

6. Che hem

We recommend Che hem restaurant at Hung Vuong St

7. Bun cha ca

huetravelreview recommend Bun cha ca restaurant at 110 Nguyen Hue St

8. Banh Khoai

We recommend Lac Thien restaurant at 6 Dinh Tien Hoang St

Organized Hue food tour

We suggest an organized Hue food tour for travelers from Taste of Hue: Taste of Hue Food – Hue walking tour




  • Meet at hotel

Dong Ba Market

  • Transfer to Dong Ba market
  • See and taste ingredients used in Hue dishes
  • Try local fruits
  • Buy souvenirs

Some local shop

  • Enjoy Hue specialties

Huong river bank

  • Drink Vietnamese coffee


  • Come back to hotel

Com Hen

Com hen (rice with mussels)

Here are some Hue dishes you will have the chance to enjoy your food tour:

  • Bun Bo Hue – Hue Beef Vermicelli Soup
  • Bun Thit Nuong – Grilled Pork Vermicelli
  • Banh Beo – Steamed Rice Discs Topped with Shrimp
  • Banh Loc – Filtered Tapioca Dumplings
  • Banh Ram It – Fried dumpling topped with Sticky Rice Dumpling
  • Nem Lui – Grilled Ground Pork on Stick
  • Banh Uot – Grilled Pork Wrapped in Hue Wet Rice Paper
  • Banh Khoai – Hue Fried Pancake
  • Che – Sweet Soup
  • Me Xung – Sesame candy
  • Trai Cay – Hue Seasonal Fruits
  • Coffee Viet – black or with condensed milk.

Has our list of must-eat food in Hue made you hungry? So what are you waiting for? Let’s make a plan for your tailor-made Hue food tour right now!


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