When referring to Hue, people often think of the gentle Hue girl in the white ao dai with cute sweet voice. Indeed, this beautiful memory is now still the first impression of the visitors every time travel to this city. For some people who haven’t travel to Hue, Perhaps they used to dream of a trip to this dreamland.

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Hue has only two seasons: the rainy season, and less rainy season

Weather and climate in Hue are quite different, especially in the midst of the tropical and subtropical central strip with typical tropical climate. There are no spring – fall – autumn – winter as Hanoi, nor the rainy season and dry season as in Saigon, Hue has only two seasons: the rainy season, and less rainy season.

The rain has become a feature of Hue on both the weather and the image, so many people call it Hue by the name the city of the rain. Certainly, this is a new and exciting discovery of Hue travel experience that not all tourists know.

Located in transitional climate from sub-montane to monsoonal interior, this is the main reason why Hue has no distinct and characteristic seasons as in many other regions. In Hue, there is only long or sudden rain. Winter of Hue only when the northeast wind overflow but not too cold like other provinces in the central region. At the same time when affected by the Laos wind, the heat in Hue is also pleasant, not as harsh as other regions.

Many people are concern about when is the best time to travel Hue. With Vietnam local guides, every season of the year is the best time to travel this city.


The rain has become a special “specialty” of Hue

Rainy season: The rainy season of Hue begins in September and lasts until December. According to the experience of Hue tourism season, the rainy season is an interesting time for exploring. For a long time, the rain has become a special “specialty” of Hue, and the rainy season is also the most beautiful moments. The romance and sadness of Hue in the rain have long been the inspiration of poetry and music.

Walking on the Hue streets in the gentle rain, feeling the cold winds blowing, watching the streets with the slow pace in the rain you will see how great of Hue. Come to Hue to feel the peaceful and romantic feeling of life, sip a cup of coffee with soft music or immersed in sweet songs about Hue are also interesting experiences that tourists get when traveling in the rainy season.

Less rainy season: From the end of December until about April, Hue stepped into the less rainy season with the sparse rain. If you do not like the long rains, this is a good time to visit this land. The weather of Hue on this occasion is quite mild with northeasterly winds.

At the same time, if you come to Hue on this occasion, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of traditional Lunar New Year on the land of the ancient capital. According to the experience from some Vietnam local tour operators, indeed Hue tourism, January and February are the beautiful time of Hue. Hue is vibrant but very romantic and peaceful of Tet. The pace of human life becomes faster, more rhythmic to prepare for a warm traditional Tet. On this occasion, you can enjoy the traditional dishes of Hue and explore the diverse cuisine of Hue.


January and February are the beautiful time of Hue

The remaining months of the year of Hue include May, June, July, August, the weather of Hue is quite hot with high temperature, due to the tropical monsoon climate with high thermal radiation.

  • Here are some suggestions when traveling to Hue

Huong River is a sweet symbol for the romantic city, so it would be flawed if visitors ignore dreamlike Huong River. In addition, the ancient ruins of Hue city with unique architecture and interesting historical stories are also a highlight that tourists should visit once.

Going to Hue without visiting the imperial capital is certainly not a complete trip. In addition, temples and tombs in Hue are also ideal places for tourists to discover and experience the cultural life – beliefs of Hue in particular and Vietnamese residents in general. Don’t hesitate to travel to this beautiful city as Vietnam local tour operator always provide the best tour and travel tips for you.

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