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Vietnam has long been known for its diverse cultural resources. For foreigners seeking a culture tour, Vietnam is an attractive destination, especially Hue. Hue used to be the capital of Vietnam, giving it a lot of cultural heritages, one of which is Hue royal court music (“Nha nhac cung dinh Hue” in Vietnamese).

So today huetravelreview will introduce to you some suggestions on tours to enjoy Hue royal court music.


Hue is famous for ancient palace and temples

Hue royal court music is the imperial royal court music performed during Nguyen Dynasty. Today, it is often performed on Huong River as a unique form of art representing the harmony among people, music, and nature.

1. Tour Enjoy Hue royal court music on Huong river

Listening to royal court music is probably among the top things to do in Hue. Usually, when going on your own, you’ll have to handle all the stuff by yourself, such as picking up a service provider and buying tickets, etc. Fortunately, you can go on a tour set up by a tour operator. In general, the trip’s itinerary looks like this.

The tour on the charming Huong river starts at 7 pm on a colourful boat decorated with royal symbols like dragons. The tourists are going to depart at Phu Van Lau and sail through Trang Tien Bridge with ancient citadels along the river. During the trip, you’ll have a chance to immerse in Hue’s royal court music which brings all kinds of emotions. At first, it’s joyful, then turns nostalgic. Sometimes it incites melancholy, sometimes it makes people feel regretful. The artists always perform sincerely and skillfully, which let the tourists dive deeply into the past rhythm. Just close your eyes and imagine that you’re traveling back in time.

Royal court music performed during Hue festival

Royal court music performed during Hue festival

2. Tour to enjoy royal court music in the royal palace

During Nguyen Dynasty, there is a place built for royal members to enjoy music performances. It’s called Duyet Thi Duong. Today, Duyet Thi Duong is opened to welcome tourists who would love to hear royal court music where kings and queens used to do. This is only a way to preserve a precious national art form.

The art performance at Duyet Thi Duong is held daily, including 2 ships: 10 am– 10:40 am, 15 pm – 15:40 pm.

The first impression of most visitors when stepping into Duyet Thi Duong is its majestic look, solemn and sacred atmosphere. The building was built of wood, covered with tiles. It consists of four compartments with two chambers surrounded by walls. The ceiling of the theatre is decorated with stars, colourful clouds, the moon, the beautiful blue sky to make the visitors and artists feel as if they were outside.

The interior design of Duyet Thi Duong

The interior design of Duyet Thi Duong

Another interesting thing when going to Duyet Thi Duong to listen to royal court music is that among the performances, visitors are also served with fresh fruits of Hue and royal tea which is also a notable cultural heritage of Hue. A show usually does not last long, only about 40 minutes, enough to introduce visitors to the sweet melody of royal court music.

In addition, you may also have an opportunity to view an exhibition of the imperial art of Hue, including masks, costumes, musical instruments, and related photo materials.

3. Tour to enjoy royal court music at Nghinh Luong Dinh relic

To satisfy the public's demand for Hue royal court music, Hue royal court music performances of students from Hue College of Music was officially launched this year. With 21 musicians who are trained in the field of classical music, the orchestra plays all the instruments of a royal court orchestra: squash, drum, cymbals, etc.

Although this tour is new, it is still appealing to many visitors who have already enjoyed Hue royal court music on the Huong River and in Duyet Thi Duong. Up to now, it has been a significant part of Vietnam tailor-made tours.

When visiting other cultural heritages of Hue, you will have to think much about the best time to visit Hue because the quality of your trip might be different in each period of the year. Yet, as regards touring Hue royal court music, you won’t have to be worried since it is performed all year round and does not rely on the weather! So the next time you travel to Vietnam, go to Hue and pick a tour of royal court music.

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