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This is where you can find adventurous activities in Huế, Vietnam


If you think Highwire and Zipline are impossible to find in Vietnam, think twice! Alba Thanh Tân leisure center is the first site ever to open these two adventurous things to do in Huế. Once the other popular Huế tours are set, head straight to this park!


Challenge yourself at Alba Thanh Tân

Challenge yourself first with Highwire

Highwire requires pretty much of your energy and cleverness, too. What you need include a safety jacket, hoops, safety hooks and a pulley. These all are seemingly uncomplicated yet well-equipped alike competent mountain-climbing outfits. Highwire calls out your nerves with hanging trails made out of wooden planks connected by ropes, which make it an absolute oscillating path amid a jungle.


The mighty Huế is hidden with adventures

Highwire in Huế contains 3 rounds arranged with an ascending level. One thing you must bear in mind is that each round requires players to complete without giving up given the fact that you are all safety tools are totally locked with the cable conductor, which means there is no shortcut or alternatives except for one exit.

Round 1 is slightly simple with easy going obstacles. The wooden planks are equipped with a proper strength, which provides a smooth movement at the beginning. Round 1 can be considered as a warm-up and good for children or most women who are down to give it a try. Apparently, after the first round, there is seemingly no one that likes to give in yet excited for the very next challenge in round 2.


Highwire at Alba Thanh Tân

Round 2 begins when the wooden planks are not stable anymore and start to swing formidably each time a player steps on. Its level rises and accordingly, you may require a better physical health and resourcefulness.

Round 3 comes with an incredible hazard. In this round, the wooden planks are simply placed atop the rope, which means without smart moves, the planks can totally flip upside down and chances are you would be able to slip or stumble. Obviously, even when your body starts to hang up in the air, your safety jacket and tools are absolutely capable of securing you from falling and helping you move onwards.


Hanging in the air

Nevertheless, your effort to get back on the path after stumbling takes a little of your bravery, especially for children. Hence, at some points, you may need a rescue team to involve. The guys are there to help you get back on the trail, which means the rest of the journey is completely yours. Highwire is definitely not for those who tend to give up easily and that always boosts them move straight forward without having a thought of quitting in the middle of the track. If you are such an adventurous taker, take this Huế adventure tour and challenge yourself in this far-away land.

Gloves and helmets are all-time essential items, especially gloves due to the fact that you must hold it tight on the cable conductors and ropes. Our advice for those who love to try this out is to own a light and good pair of shoes when joining the game. With this, you have no worries on moving too much in the swinging track in the air.

Change the wind with Zipline


Floating with Zipline

Compared to Highwire, Zipline brings a more easy-going vibe and also shorter in time. All you need to do is flying in the air while linking to a cable rope and sliding for roughly 500 meters from the peak to the foot of a mountain. Simple as it sounds, that feeling when you get to slide for a long way in the air with blast howling by your ears makes it a long-lasting memory when in Huế.

If saying Zipline is an adventurous outdoor activity, then it may seem tough at the beginning of the journey when you start to jump off the cliff. The rest of the game only comes with excitement and joy.


It is time to fly

What do you think after scanning through our suggestion for this type of Huế tour? If this is what you always look for in any of your trips, do not forget to hit it up when visiting this Central Vietnam city.

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