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Three splendid homestays in Huế you wish to spend at least a night in


If you happen to ask your best Vietnam tour operators which should be chosen as the most worthwhile homestays to spend your nights in Huế, the former capital of Vietnam, these three alluring names below would be sent as our answers.


Mosaic Garden Homestay

Deja Vu Homestay

Going against the current, Déjà vu Homestay owner did not pick an attractive façade full of people passing by, the house turns into a little kitten sleeping at the back of an alley and only saved for those who truly in love with the best serenity of Huế. Déjà vu Homestay wins an ideal location for taking you only a few minutes to drive to reach Trường Tiền Bridge, Huế gas station, Báo Quốc Pagoda and Nam Giao Esplanade.


Welcome to Deja Vu

At Déjà vu, you would be amazed at how creative and unique each room is named. A 3-bed dorm room is known as Friendly, the three double rooms are named Cozy, Shine and Grace while its family room is set with a loving name, Love.


Lovely bedroom

When picking Déjà vu Homestay to spend your peaceful night in this ancient capital, you will have a chance to catch sight of the vintage old Huế items such as the set of wood-made table and chairs, the windows, the heritage-like bamboo wattles or a flower-patterned curtain that reminds Huế locals of a long-gone image. That is one of the reasons why our tour operators in Vietnam in Huế love to recommend their guests of a stay at Déjà vu Homestay for a full experience.


Kitchen of green

Mosaic Garden

Mosaic Garden is not an ideal place for those living a fast pace of life, or travelers greeting and leaving Huế in a snap of a finger. Located 3 kilometers away from Huế downtown, Mosaic Garden rounds up all of the elegant attractiveness of a typical Vietnamese traditional home. Though bringing out some modern breath, Mosaic Garden is still capable of delivering a nature-inclined sense that fits so well those who are not down for the hectic city corners.


Mosaic titles

When entering the first compartment of the house, you would first catch sight of a small fish lake surrounded by a chain of vivid bricks. In addition, a small set of table and chairs are placed to create a tranquil space enclosed by a lovely greenery for a quiet afternoon tea time. Mosaic Garden rooms follow a simple décor with full of natural sunlight and fresh air with an arrangement of 2 huge windows facing the large garden. Take this as one of your noted Vietnam tour operator reviews has come to have a look at Mosaic Garden to see why local travelers always save it for their next trips!


A room on the ground floor


Shared kitchen

April Hostel

Our very last alternative to be chosen in this list today is April Hostel, a unique choice that brings out an almost non-Huế vibe at the very first impression. Yet, after several hours staying at April Hostel, you will easily realize that the finest “Huế” thing here comes from the best hospitality you ever get. This is brought to you by the well-trained staff, who are always smiley and helpful.


On the outside

April Hostel brings out a cozy ambiance seen through the placement of each furniture in the shared living room, where you are able to recognize the best fusion of many countries and the display of multilingual composition.


Shared living room

Situated along with other Huế homestays, April Hostel is open on the street of Nguyễn Thái Học, a lively passageway packed with both Western and Eastern food and beverage services. The hostel takes you only a few minutes to arrive in Huế downtown on foot. Because of such amazing location and hospitable assistant buddies, April Hostel welcomes more and more foreign friends coming over. If following our Vietnam local tour operator instruction and reserve a night at April Hostel, you would be owning a chance to join in its offered workshop showcasing the guideline of cooking Vietnamese cuisine.


Eating together

No one knows better than our best Vietnam tour operators when it comes to the finest local experiences. Follow our instruction above, pick the one you like, book your trip to Huế and enjoy the most amazing time in Vietnam.

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