Top romantic getaways for two in Hue


Newlyweds, couples, or anyone seeking a serene as well as a romantic destination for their own, tour for a couple in Hue is definitely the ultimate choice. This dreamlike land features plenty of places that make you go weak at the knees. Perhaps, it is an indispensable catalyst supporting your love to go to a deeper level. 

It may be hard to narrow down which are the best but top 4 must-go destinations in Hue below are relatively enough for couples.

Hue Imperial Citadel

Experiencing the royal vibe in one hour maybe hit the highlight of this trip. You and your partner can totally become a King and Queen thanks to renting outfit service at this site.

However, don’t expect something animated in this site as solemn atmosphere seems to cover almost corners. Hue imperial citadel is used to be a castle of Nguyen dynasty with a mixture of both Eastern and Western architectural style. It boasts of the giant project of Vietnamese feudal project at that time and built on the northern side of Huong river.

Hue Imperial Citadel

Hue Imperial Citadel

Moreover, the fact is this place exceedingly spacious so umbrella and water are indispensable stuff to ensure your trip and your loved one’s health impeccably. Furthermore, make sure your electronic devices like camera, phone full of energy because your excursion will last from 2 to 4 hours and its scenery is well worth capturing.

Having a tour guide, they will help you know more plenty of delightful stories about the love of former Kings hidden behind. Of course, you still totally discover it at your own pace if you want to have privacy in your Hue tours.  

With 150,000 VND per ticket, it’s time to sightsee this magnificent area.

Perfume River ( Huong River)

No trip would be complete without a visit to Huong River when traveling to Hue.  It crosses the center of Hue city and is either considered as the symbol of Hue. There are many ways to contemplate the romance of this river but tourists usually opt for 3 common options.

Perfume River

Perfume River

First and foremost, spanned by some large bridges, of course, it offers a panoramic view from here. Hence, all you need is just to go up the bridges, choose for yourself a nice place and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. However, going sightseeing by pedicab is not a bad idea for travelers in general and couples in particular. Don’t forget to bargain before starting your excursion as sometimes cyclo’s drivers will knock you back.

The second option also the common one is to embark on a river cruise to sightsee.  It’s also a must do when paying a visit to Hue. Because it’s perhaps a splendid way to see the city in a different view and enjoy your intimacy. Furthermore, the most focal point is that it will offer a walk of solitude on the circuit leading to some temples and tombs, and help tourists escape from the traffic noise as well. One more time, if you are once in Vietnam, and not well-versed with prices, check it on the Internet and let the negotiations begin.

The final one, a journey on foot can also satisfy you. If you are short of time, taking a walk along the river with your life partner by your side is really fantastic.

Lang Co bay

If you are curious what the outskirt of Hue city offers for couples, Lang Co will give you the answer. Located quite far from the city center, about 60 km to the South, it features scenic views with white sand, clear-crystal and shallow water, and authentic beauty. It’s absolutely an ideal place for relaxation and honeymoon.

Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay

Due to its visually stunning and romantic beauty, it’s now an ideal backdrop for a gorgeous pre-wedding album. Tons of frames are well worth capturing, so remember to charge your camera’s battery. Because there are variety of spots to visit in this charming place. Here are some of them.

  • Chan May beach

Nestled in the less-traveled corner of Lang Co, it offers an amazing privacy for many couples. Furthermore, its allure definitely touches their heart. The beach stretching in an arc combines with white sand and soft waves may deliver a worthy frame.

  • Hai Van pass

Venture up together to the top of Hai Van pass will be a once-in-a-lifetime as well as significant experience that couples should not miss. You have rewarded a jaw-dropping view overlooking the entire Lang Co bay.

Canh Duong beach camp

If you want to live in harmony with nature, camping on the beach in Hue tours is your ultimate choice. Canh Duong beach, an off-the-beaten-track place where hasn’t been crammed with tourists yet, will meet your demand.  Located off about 50 km from the center of Hue city, it brings a golden chance to wake up right on the beach and meet the dawn together.

Canh Duong beach camp

Canh Duong beach camp

Renting a couple-size tent at the price only 5$ per day, you can own a nice spot to enjoy a fantastic day together. BBQ, EDM party (optional) will cater for you if required.

An action-packed getaway in Canh Duong beach may help you and your life partner decompress effectively.

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