Tour around Huế Citadel in an offbeat way


Huế Citadel is broadly known as an icon of Thừa Thiên Huế Province, an ancient capital of the last feudal dynasty, The Nguyễn. The Citadel was constructed in the early ages of the XIX century comprising over 140 various sites initially.

Nowadays, when a Vietnamese decides to join in a Vietnam tailor-made tour, she is definitely craving for an impression of how massive and holy the sightseeing tour can offer her through each nostalgic construction all over the large campus of Huế Citadel. And as a foreigner, especially a traveler newly touring to Vietnam stepping into the place, large groups of tourists may take over the serene and divine the palaces can be. Hence, we will walk you through some recommended selections so that you have a chance to admire our ancient capital in a more unique way.


A corner of Huế Citadel

A relaxing stroll on two wheels

The pleasure of choosing a bicycle wandering around Huế City over other regular Central Vietnam tailor-made tours with a handy map in your hand is the ability to sense the truly local ambiance of the city through each slow rotary. By this way, you can easily spot out a savory street food eatery even without a plan beforehand.

Across the country, renting a scooter or bicycle is not a big deal. Especially in Huế, strolling around the Citadel in particular or the whole city in general at the front of a cyclo is one of the best tours in Vietnam you can have ever experienced. These vehicles are equipped with a reasonable space and height, along with a flexible cover which you can have it open or close depending on each specific type of climate you are in. Cyclo drivers are not just locals themselves settling down in the city, but their profound knowledge towards each site around the places will surely impress you, just like the way you have a local guide along the way.


Cyclo in Huế

Floating on the surface of the river

Long ago, dragon boat is a special and symbolic watercraft of Huế City and had been used as a privilege of the feudal monarchy and royal families, especially the Kings. Nowadays, this type of waterway transportation becomes a lot popular in the travel industry of Huế, riding you around iconic attractions such as Thiên Mụ Pagoda, Tự Đức Mausoleum, Khải Định Mausoleum, Hòn Chén Temple and so on. In addition, traveling on a dragon boat will reward you with interesting activities such as Huế folklore singing performance on the Hương River as well as admire the peaceful beauty of the landscapes when night falls. Moreover, you can choose to go kayaking visiting Sình Village, self-creating paper decorated flowers at Thanh Tiên Village or traveling back in time to Bao Vinh ancient town.


Dragon Boat on Hương River

Sitting inside a horse carriage touring around Huế Citadel

Riding a horse in a well colorfully decorated carriage at the back will give you a feeling of turning into a royal governor or royal relative back in the heydays. There are various services found both inside and outside the Citadel campus allowing a group of roughly five to six people in one carriage with a very reasonable price at only VND 100.000 to 150.000 within 45 minutes approximately. By this way, you are not only able to give yourself a chance sightseeing Huế Citadel in an off-the-beaten-track way, but also somehow get to have a true feeling of a royal family member.


Horse carriage in Huế

These are some of the best-selected picks when you have intention to search for tailor-made tours in Vietnam. Traveling in a carriage, riding a horse, kayaking or traveling by boat can be still spotted in other areas up and down the length of this S-shaped country, yet experiencing these types to services in this ancient city of Huế is something that brings you the kind of feeling you cannot have somewhere else. Hence, do not hesitate to plan out an exciting journey that allows you to have a unique experience while visiting highly beautiful destinations.

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