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Turn back traditional value in Duong Lam Ancient Village


You are still young and you just want to experience something new. Don’t just explore new things, try to go back and find out the traditional value. I’m sure that you will not never be regretful when choosing a destination and find its traditional value. Especially, if you pick Vietnam as your destination, you should look into the culture, history of the land. After understanding about the land, you will realize the deep meaning of each feature or locals’ action. In the article, I want to introduce to you a famous destination for your North Vietnam group toursDuong Lam Ancient Village, a place is not far from the center of Vietnam’s capital.

Duong Lam is located in Son Tay Town, 40 kilometers to the west of Hanoi. Recently, Duong Lam is becoming the attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists in Hanoi at the weekend. If you are interested in discovering Vietnamese tradition, let’s come here and you will see the original culture that is remained through thousands of historical years. Let’s go with us how interesting the old village is and take consideration to visit here.

Symbols of an ancient village

As you come to the village on your North Vietnam group tours, you can catch sight of the ancient village’s entrance gate which you may imagine in fairy tales told by mom and grandmother. Until now, Duong Lam village still keeps their gate in the original version. The banyan tree still stands next to the beautiful gate for a long time. It makes tourists think about the picture of real rural life. The images of Duong Lam village are showed in many film’s scenes re-occur Vietnamese’s life in the past.

In addition, you can find many other symbols of an old village in here such as banyan tree, water well, communal house. Banyan tree is one of the first things people want to see when they visit an ancient village. In each Vietnam traditional village, a century-old tree has a large canopy where farmers choose as an ideal place for them to have a short break after doing farm work under the high sun. The cool shape of the tree and the wind from the field can help hard farmers relieve tiredness.


Banyan tree and entrance gate to the village

Another important symbol of a village is a water well located in the village center. Villagers will come here and get water to use every day. When you visit the center of Duong Lam village, you will see two big wells which are near Mong Phu communal house and compared with two dragon’s eyes by locals. The water wells is a representative image for villagers’ union.

There is another one which also shows the locals’ union is a communal house. The house is a sacred place where people in the village meet and discuss whenever the important events occur. Duong Lam commune includes five smaller villages and also has five communal house as well. Amongst them, Mong Phu village’s communal house worshiping Tan Vien God is the largest one and designed in the sculptural architecture. Most of the big local festival events are held at Mong Phu communal house. You can ask your local tour operator whether there is any festival hold in Duong Lam Ancient Village on your North Vietnam group tours.


Mong Phu Communal House

If you visit Duong Lam village, don’t forget to find and observe these village symbols. You will partly understand the culture of Duong Lam villagers in particular as well as Vietnamese in general. If you understand about where you visit, your North Vietnam package tours will become more meaningful than ever.

300-year-old houses

You can make a North Vietnam small group tour thanks to your local operators. If you walk around the village, you may realize easily that all houses in the village are designed for the same style that is retained for a long time, about 300 years old. And the locals seem to quite respect the unique architecture. Until now, although there are many new houses designed in modern architecture, they always preserve the old ones and suppose them as the invaluable gifts from their ancestor.

Some houses are built of wood, some other buildings are built of laterite bricks that are the special materials used in local construction. It makes the house cool in summers and warm in winter. The house is usually designed with only one floor but the long structure in width. The width of an old house can be up to 7 spans. The main and also the biggest room is used for worshipping ancestors, the kitchen gods, and Buddha.

Especially, the porch roof of the old house in Duong Lam village is quite low and the threshold is so high, so guests often have to bow when they want to enter the house. When you entering an old house in Duong Lam Village, you catch sight of the owner’s altar immediately. In reality, according to the Vietnamese culture and the position of the altar, locals must have designed the porch roof like that. When guests head down, it means that they show their respect to the owners’ ancestor.


The old house in Duong Lam Village

In most Duong Lam village’s households, there is a yard in front of the house where the owner decorates with many flowers or bonsai. Through the arrangement and decoration like that, we can see the natural love of locals. When living in the environment like that, people feel peaceful and become to be closer to nature.

In Vietnamese belief, the house is their most invaluable domain during their life. They always think that people need to have a good house first, then develop their job well. That’s the reason why the purpose of a Vietnamese life is owning a fine house. Therefore, you can see that Vietnamese always proud of their house which represents for their hard efforts.

Immerse in local life

Don’t go to Duong Lam village just for contemplating beautiful scenery and take some photos on your North Vietnam group tours. I’m sure that you will never satisfy if you have countryside travel like that. Let’s join in locals’ activity and enjoy a life of a real farmer, you will have another feeling. Go to the field and take part in some farm work activities with farmers such as transplanting or harvesting. Some outdoor activities like fishing are also given attention from both domestic and foreign tourists.

After a few hours working in the fields, you can participate in some local cooking classes to have the best meal. In Duong Lam village, you may have chances to cook both the traditional Vietnamese dishes and specialties like banh te. The dishes made by yourself will absolutely more delicious than the same ones served in any luxurious restaurants.

Moreover, you even can observe the process of making a special kind of sauces in here. In Duong Lam Village, many households remain the traditional job until now. The sauce made from soybeans in here is evaluated to be the best product and always given the users’ trust. Each household doing the sauce has a large yard including many brown jars. These soybean sauce jars make me think about kimchi jars in Korea. In here, the recipe for making soybean sauce has been kept during many generations, so each period of making process is kept under the strict rule of locals. Each sauce jar is deserved as their brainchild and kept in the best condition. Don’t forget to buy a bottle of soybean sauce when you visit Duong Lam Ancient Village.


Soybean sauce jars

In the early morning or in the afternoon, you can hire a bicycle and contemplate the village with your friends. Just having a lovely bike, you can enjoy North Vietnam cycle tours in a funny way. Don’t think that the Vietnamese village is small. You should go to each small alleys to explore the ancient village and you will be surprised by many interesting things.


Fine weather for cycling

How do you feel about Duong Lam Ancient Village? I believe that people who are interested in rural life will like the destination. It will be the good opportunity for everyone to understand more deeply about Vietnamese culture as well as the locals’ daily life. So, there is no reason why you don’t come here and have delightful experiences with your travel team now.

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