The long trip by motorcycle has become familiar, now traveling by bike also gradually became popular with people who like sitting for a long time on the iron horses with the new feeling that they bring. Traveling or cycling is considered a type of entertainment which outbreaks among young people today

Besides the benefits of doing exercise and environmental protection, people are aware of the challenge of terrain, conquering the journey from rugged roads in the countryside to the high slopes of the hills. It helps visitors to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s a process that surpasses themselves that each player approaches.


Traveling by bike

In order to prepare for a cycling trip, the bike is still the most important companion. Planning and finding out the roads become especially important which helps solve the problems occurring in your trip as well as choosing the type of suitable bike.


Going by bike helps visitors improve their health

Vietnam has many ideal tourist attractions by bike which meets all the criteria of style, the airy space, and of course, there is no the shortage of romantic along with a little risky. This post will introduce the travelers to top roads for cycling in Vietnam. If you are a person loving adventure, you must write down in your travel diary the roads below.

The first road in this post is the coastal road in Ba Ria – Vung Tau to Phan Thiet with the attractive sea-road sections. Travelers can start at Nuoc Ngot Pass in their coastal road journey.


Long Hai Nuoc Ngot pass

Nuoc Ngot pass is about 25 kilometers away from Vung Tau and about 2 kilometers from Long Hai Sea. It is a short, narrow pass but meanders beautifully. It is between Long Dien District and Dat Do District in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Within 5 kilometers of the coastal winding roads, people will experience the feeling of conquest when crossing a bit risky road. However, visitors will admire the beauty of the wild nature and enjoy the cool sea wind while downhill that makes you confused with emotions that are difficult to describe.

Besides, when going to Ba Ria, with a bicycle, travelers can walk many places such as Bao Dai Palace, beaches, Jesus statue on the hill, Duong beach. They also quietly look at the sunset. All things will blend into the beauty of Vung Tau sea in their trip.


Visiting Bao Dai Palace in Vung Tau

If you love Nha Trang, it is sure that you will not be strange this street. Only about 70 kilometers from Cam Ranh town to the pier to Ninh Van Bay, the road will treat you with the beautiful scenery of the most bustling city in Vietnam.


Cam Ranh- Nha Trang – the beauty of the coastal road

Of course, the most exciting destination here is the bustling seaside city – Nha Trang city. Guests can visit the famous tourist spots in Nha Trang such as Ponagar Tower, Hon Chong or take a boat to visit the islands in the bay such as Hon Mun with diving to see the coral, Hon Tre with Vinpear Land complex, relaxing in Hon Tam.

As people know that the biking roads in the North of Vietnam attract who love adventure with high slopes and the high mountains. On the other hand, there are the winding roads in the Central with the beauty of the sea. Bau Trang – Phan Ri Cua coastal road is the area which characterizes by white sand dunes stretching along 2 sides of the road. It is one of the attractive places which cannot be missed when participating in Central Vietnam tours by bike.


Bau Trang – Phan Ri Cua coastal section

Natural painting in Bau Trang brings the gentleness and the cool with two main colors is blue and white.

Nextly, Hai Van Pass with 21 kilometers long is one of the most dangerous passes in Vietnam with the twists of death. This pass has the majestic scenery with many roads which see the sea very beautifully. Because now most cars move through Hai Van tunnel, this pass is quite a little car and people. Travelers can conquer this pass with their bike. They can ride their bicycle slowly to admire the beauty of here. Visitors do not forget to bring the sunscreens such as the jacket, the hat, the mask when going by bike for a long time. And in particular, the camera is indispensable for them to record the picture frame.

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