Court music of Hue royal is a kind of court music, so it has noble and elegant tone. It symbolizes the kingship of the everlasting prosperity of the dynasty. Therefore, Nha Nhac was respected by Vietnamese monarchs as the most featured Vietnam culture. Now, it also attracts too many Hue tours of travelers from other areas in Vietnam and even other countries. 


The performance of Nha Nhac Hue court music

According to the history, the Vietnamese music has come from the Ly dynasty (1010-1225), but it flourished, most notably in the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945). Basically, ritual music in Vietnamese royal music, as well as ceremonial music played at weddings or funerals, are usually divided into two main groups: the faction of martial arts and the faction of literature. The division of instrumental ensembles in royal orchestras in Hue was from the beginning of the nineteenth century and its origin was found in the rules of many worshiping ceremonies in the villages of the Vietnamese in the North. The music of the Nguyen Dynasty was often called Hue royal court music because it had been in Hue for nearly 150 years.

During the Nguyen Dynasty, thanks to the thriving economic and social conditions, the royal dynasty paid much attention to Nha Nhac. At this time, the music system is very various, with hundreds of music style. Hue royal court music is often accompanied by court dance.

In Hue royal court music system, there is also a repertoire of string instruments, including the lute, the flute, and the bamboo flute combined with percussion. To make the clear, pure and deep sensual sound. The musicians often perform ten songs at the same time.

Nguyen dynasty records include 12 ceremonies, each of which contains full chapters and 126 chapters with full original lyrics and translations. The instrument is composed of 6 types of the orchestra. The orchestras have specific instruments and no less than 30 genres in hundreds of instruments. For example, the orchestra has 42 musical instruments of the two percussions and steam. The percussion of the vibrating membrane is 20 drums.

All kinds of orchestras, musical instruments, music pieces, chapters are performed by the best musicians, singers, and dancers of the country. Music has become a twin with great feasts with magical voices and capacity to sympathize with heaven and earth, spirits, ancestors. It is also the priceless and permanent value of the nation. Hue music, cultural heritage music which contains the principles of structure, the philosophy of Eastern philosophy.

Since 1975, the Government, the Ministry of Culture and Information and leaders of Thua Thien Hue have had many policies and decisions to preserve this unique cultural form. In particular, on November 7, 2003, Hue royal court music was recognized by UNESCO as the masterpiece of intangible cultural heritage and oral tradition of mankind.

In the commentary on Nha Nhac, UNESCO said: “Vietnamese traditional music has the meaning of elegant music … In the traditional Vietnamese music genres, only Nha Nhac reached the national stature. Vietnamese music was from the eleventh century to the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue royal court music reached maturity and completed.

Now Hue royal court music is not only the precious capital of Vietnamese but also the invaluable asset of humankind. With outstanding values, Hue royal court music will continue to be preserved effectively, contributing along with various types of cultural and natural heritage in Vietnam assertion of a country rich in cultural traditions in the region and the world.


Nha Nhac in the festival in 2012

Hue city has two world cultural heritage. In 2004, the third Hue Festival was held. Many stages have been organized to perform Hue Folk Music and have achieved success.

Today, orchestra, composition, chant, dances of Nha Nhac can be used in different forms of performance on occasions such as Hue Festival, Folk festival, Buddhist festival, Chamber music, in diplomatic ceremonies, performances for tourists, performing for the people in festivals or traditional New Year. Thus, Nha Nhac has more conditions, space performance, and compared more. The music has returned to the people, so its artistic value will also be preserved, permanent and incessantly promoted.

Hue royal court music is one of the invaluable assets of our nation. That value has lasted with the nation and was honored by humanity. The conservation of its promotion in contemporary society is a very heavy work, but the initial results have been very encouraging.

These days, there are more and more tourists who take Hue culture tours join the performance of Hue court music shows. They think that discovering the Nha Nhac outstanding culture of Vietnamese is top things to do in Hue

The Nha Nhac was watched by a huge number of the audience

This is something about Nha Nhac – Court music of Hue royal, we hope you guys will have memorable Hue tours and enjoy this special kind of Vietnamese music.

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