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Visit the pretty fishing village of Van Quat Dong in Hue

Hue is known as the most charming and romantic city in Vietnam with gentle Huong River, palm-leaf conical hat, beautiful ladies in violet ao dai, ancient and peaceful pagodas, and pretty village, which you should visit and explore in your Hue Vietnam tours. And one of the must-see village you shouldn’t miss in Hue for the best tours in Vietnam is Van Quat Dong fishing village. This article is going to give you a brief travel review of this pretty village for the best preparation for your tour.

1. The peaceful beauty of Van Quat Dong fishing village

Van Quat Dong is a picturesque fishing village that is not very famous like Lang Co fishing village, but it is also a stunning site you should visit in Hue. Recently, a foreign newspaper posted a set of photos of this beautiful fishing village taken by the photographer Vu Phuoc Nguyen. These photos brought the name of this village to the world and made this village more well-known among foreign tourists.

Van Quat Dong fishing village

Van Quat Dong is a peaceful and quiet poor village in Huong Phong Commune, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien – Hue province. This village is located in the area of Tam Giang Lagoon which is the largest lagoon all over South East Asia. This lagoon has such a pure, pristine, and enchanting beauty that any tourists coming here are deeply impressed and can’t help praising its beauty.

Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon is located in the area of four districts, including Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, and Phu Vang of Thua Thien – Hue province. This lagoon is most beautiful when it is covered by the red sunlight in the sunset and sunrise. It looks like the lagoon is embracing the cloudy sky and the colorful sky dyes the water and makes it look like a garish picture. You will be totally enchanted by the brilliant beauty of this lagoon and have the best tours in Vietnam here.

[Sunrise in Van Quat Dong]

2. The life in Van Quat Dong village

Van Quat Dong fishing village has been existing for hundreds of years. This village is a small oasis surrounded by water. Therefore, people here live mainly on raising shrimps in the lagoons, and some of them work as agricultural cultivators.

Fishing boats

The seafood market in Van Quat Dong fairs in the early morning. They sell and buy fresh seafood caught in the lagoons. In the pristine beach, when the sun is rising up from the skyline, fishing boats coming back from a long fishing night on the lagoons bring on them a lot of seafood, fishing men sell the seafood they caught, the villagers buy, bargain, weigh the seafood, and pay money. All these things make a bustling atmosphere on the beach and break the silence of this pristine land. A corner of the freeway becomes a small market fairing from the early morning to around 9 a.m. Visiting Hue, don’t miss this market to buy fresh seafood and experience the life of the local people for the best tour in Vietnam.

Fresh seafood

Located in a large lagoon, Van Quat Dong has a great supply of seafood. A lot of villagers has lived on the fishing career for years. Some families do not have the house on the land; therefore, they live on their boats and go fishing from the lagoon to the sea door every day. Sometimes, with only some shrimps, some crabs, fishes, or snails, they can make a booth to sell the seafood.

Morning market

People in Van Quat Dong fishing village are very friendly, hospitable, and simple. Although their life is not very wealthy, they are still happy. You can always see them smiling with each other even when they are tired. Hue people are usually gentle and charming, from the way they communicate, the way they work, and live. This makes another attraction to this beautiful land. Just come and experience it yourself in your Hue tours in Vietnam.

Life in Van Quat Dong village

With beautiful scenery, friendly and gentle people, and interesting life, Van Quat Dong is one of the most attractive destinations that you should visit in Hue. There are many other beauties of this village that you can explore in your Hue tour.

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