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Visit the Royal Tomb of Tu Duc King in Hue


The Royal Tomb of Tu Duc King is the most beautiful and famous architecture of Nguyen Dynasty recommended by a lot of Vietnam tour operators. The King Tu Duc (1848 – 1883) chose for himself an ideal place for resting in peace. Now, helloVietnam tour operator will give you a brief review of this amazingly beautiful Royal Tomb in Hue.

1. Overview

Tu Duc King’s Royal Tomb is the most stunning structure in Hue. Tu Duc King is not only a King of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty but also a poet. That gentleman has the broadest background knowledge and the most romantic character among many Nguyen Kings. And he decided to place his tomb in a picturesque and peaceful valley in Duong Xuan Thuong village, now in Thuong Ba, Thuy Xuan, Hue City.

Tu Duc Royal Tomb

2. The life of Tu Duc King

With 36 years of reigning, Tu Duc King ruled for the longest time among 13 Kings of Nguyen Dynasty. His name is Nguyen Phuc Hong Nham, the second-born son of Thieu Tri King. As normal, according to the old regime of feudal regime, his elder brother Hong Bao – the first-born son of Thieu Tri King – should have succeeded the throne. However, Hong Bao was always pretentious and not talented enough, so his father deposed him out of the throne, and gave it to Hong Nham who then become Tu Duc King. He was a good-natured poet. He loves his country and people in his country. But, he was physically weak, feeble, and pessimistic.

The Tomb of Tu Duc King

As a King of a country in a hard time, he had to face with foreign troops from the outside, fight with the plot to overthrow his power from his brothers, and suffer from illnesses. Tu Duc’s life was a tragedy. To evade that harsh and tricky life, he built for himself this royal tomb as a Royal step-over place where he could have a rest, relax, and in case he suddenly passed away as he wrote in a writings titled Khiem Cung Ky: “Even strong people need to prepare for unexpected circumstances, much less the weak”. You can hear many other interesting historical stories related to this person in your tour to this site with Vietnam tour operators.

The Gate of Tu Duc Tomb

3. Tu Duc’s Royal Tomb

Also known as Khiem Imperial Tomb, Tu Duc King named it as Van Nien Co at the beginning of the construction. After Chay Voi rising of Doan Huu Trung and his brother, the King changed the name into Khiem Palace. Then, after his death, it was called Khiem Royal Tomb.
The tomb has two main parts arranged in two parallel pivots. With Giang Khiem in the front, Duong Xuan in the back, and Luu Khiem Lake on one side, this Royal Tomb has a picturesque scenery, which attracts a lot of Vietnam local tour operator.

Xung Khiem Ta

This Royal Tomb looks like a huge park with streams flowing all year round, pine wood, and birds singing all the day. The perfect combination of nature and the architecture of the tomb creates a unique attraction, poetry and charming beauty for this site. Nearly 50 constructions in this Royal Tomb has the word “Khiem” in the name.

Stone soldiers in the tomb

Getting through Vu Khiem Gate and the Temple of Mountain God, you go along the main path leading to Main Temple, which used to be the resting place of the King in his leisure time. Chi Khiem Duong on the left side is the worshiping place for his wives. Then, getting through three stone steps staircase, you will reach Khiem Cung Mon – a two-story structure constructed as a watchtower gazebo, which faces Luu Khiem Lake.

The lake of lotus

After visiting the mausoleum, the Vietnam travel agency will take you to visit the Royal Tomb. Although he had 103 wives, Tu Duc King didn’t have any child, so, there is only a big stone stele with his writing titled “Khiem Cung Ky”, instead “Thanh Duc Than Cong” stele in other tombs. That gentle king rested in peace in a poetic and artistic architecture, making a historical and romantic legend. Any Vietnamese young people visiting there can’t help reminding of some verses about the place, which can be translated in English as “Surrounded by cloud and wind, eternity moon, Van Nien fir tree”.

Air view of Tu Duc Tomb

The artistic architecture, stunning nature, and poetic atmosphere make the Royal Tomb of Tu Duc King be the most beautiful and attractive destination in a Hue tour. Visiting this charming city, you shouldn’t miss this splendid destination.

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