Visiting Huế and needing a hand? Check out these six attractions!


When the Vietnam Central city of Huế is brought up, there are tons of things to be recounted. Huế brings a huge collection of values to us Vietnamese. It can be either gastronomy, accent, weather, poetic landscapes or a system of ancient buildings. Hence, picking any of these to pay a visit is genuinely an issue, especially for those who easily sink in many resources of news and information on the Internet. That is the reason why this guideline is here to help. Check out these six destinations if a Huế travel review is in need.


Huế – Land of the dragons

Huế Citadel

Seeking for a Huế day tour will always toss a result of Huế Citadel to your vision. Things happen for a reason. This massive complex of buildings brings you back to a day in the life of the Nguyễn royal family. Even though a large part of the whole complex was terribly destroyed in 1968 following the event of Tết Offensive, the remains are still able to illustrate a precious architectural and cultural values. The whole campus of Huế Citadel may require you up to over half a day to discover. My advice for you is to own a local tour guide through each step of yours here, as you will find yourself drowning in questions.


Moon Gate in a raining night


Our next recommendation if the system of various mausoleums. Here lie the kings of the last feudal dynasty of the country, the Nguyễn. Each of these is located far away from one another and bears a distinctively different uniqueness as well as stories. If you are not a part of a Huế group tour, I strongly suggest you hire a motorbike or a car and spend up to a morning for an absolute discovery of this mausoleum chain.


Khải Định Mausoleum

Thiên Mụ Pagoda

It is time to save space for a religious venue. Huế is such an ancient city that you cannot fail to spot out a Buddhist temple here. Obviously, Thiên Mụ Pagoda is ranked on top. Built during the 1600s and been through many renovations, Thiên Mụ Pagoda easily captures your attention due to its strong vintage vibe and untold stories. Its surrounding romantic landscape is a bonus not to skip this site.


Thiên Mụ Pagoda

Ngự Bình Mountain

Usually recounted as a combo with Hương River, Ngự Bình appears in love poems as a symbol of Huế. Standing on the top of Ngự Bình Mountain, you can greatly zoom in the whole view of Huế into your vision. This is definitely a highly recommended selection if you simply need a serenity. Many of Huế visitors fail to cite Ngự Bình into their list when planning a Huế DMZ tour as they get to be hypnotized by a ton of things to see out there. Do not be one of them, just check this out! You will fall in love.


Ngự Bình Panorama

Top beaches

Lăng Cô, Thuận An, and Cảnh Dương are the most sought-after names when someone is in need of spending a relaxing day onshore.


Cảnh Dương Beach

Lập An Lagoon

Lied roughly 70 kilometers away from Huế towards the South at the foot of Hải Vân Pass, Lập An Lagoon was rewarded by Mother Nature a perfectly curving path enclosing itself as a long strip of silk. At Lập An Lagoon, there is a delicacy named “the jade of God”. Yes! It is an oyster. Visiting this venue will open your mind to how Lập An locals get to use rubber tires to catch oysters. Lập An Lagoon shows up its best nature when the Sun is gradually gone. A photograph at Lập An when the night starts to take over guarantees you a big WOW from friends.


Lập An Lagoon

Starting from Huế, you can take a tour package to several linked places up North. We call it a Huế DMZ tour. Down South, Danang, and Quảng Nam are waiting. By this way or another, the list of what to do in each place goes on. Hence, do not forget to pack your bags and start exploring Huế right away.

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