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Why are Hue DMZ tours popular?


Every year, travelers flock to Hue, Vietnam.  Hue welcomes more tourists than almost every other destination across the country. It might be the cuisine. It might be the sights. It might be the people. It might be just all of them. Everything about Hue seems so dreamy and alluring that it keeps even domestic travelers visiting it more than just once.

Hue is packed with historical sites. The main ones are the Imperial Citadel and the tombs. However, many people over another interesting site at Hue – the DMZ.

Here we will provide some brief information about the DMZ and DMZ tour to satisfy your hunger for travelling.

What is DMZ?

DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone. Vietnam’s DMZ was the result of the First Indochina War.

It was established as a dividing line, separating the North and the South of the country. Its importance was marked as a battleground demarcation during the Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War. The DMZ is also one of the most intensively bombed areas till this very day.

The Vietnam War was one of the most defining events Vietnam has undergone. It greatly influences and shapes the Vietnamese’s culture and society as a whole. That is why this area is of great historical and cultural values to the people.


Ben Hai River

Geographically, it runs from Laos border, along the Ben Hai River, to the coast. It is a couple of kilometres wide and more than a hundred kilometres long. It also goes by the name of “the 17th parallel” although it is not geographically correct. Only a small portion of it actually includes the parallel line.

Is it actually a tourist trap?

Some expect to see military bases and weapons and only get disappointment.

Please note that the area saw heavy fighting in the war and most of its original structure was destroyed by the Americans upon evacuation. Only the ruins of the American military bases survived with a dirty airstrip.

To better say it, there is no virtual US presence here and important historical sites require a lot of driving and allow little time for each stop. This also means that there are very little photo opportunities.


Vinh Moc tunnels

All might make it seems like a waste of time. But to be honest, it actually is not.

However, if accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide, the trip promises penetrating insights and emotional dramas afterwards. It truly is an exciting chance to view history from the perspective of a Vietnamese local.

Even though it is not among the top destinations in Hue, many still recommend it as a great trip, especially for those history enthusiasts.

DMZ tour in Hue:

It is simply impossible for you to explore the area yourself. Even for domestic travellers, it is recommended to book a tour for a better experience.


La Vang Church

To make your trip even better, you might want to do some research beforehand.

A Hue DMZ tour usually guides you through several landmarks:

  • Dakrong Bridge
  • La Vang Church
  • Vinh Moc Tunnels
  • Khe Sanh combat base
  • Dong Ha Town
  • Doc Mieu base
  • Hien Luong Bridge
  • Ben Hai River
  • Cua Tung Beach
  • Ethnic minority village
  • Ho Chi Minh trail
  • Rock pile


Dakrong Bridge

At each landmark, your tour guide will provide some information about past events that happened at that place. You will get to know more about the violence of the war and the Vietnamese’s struggles for independence. Besides, the DMZ is a jungle-filled area so this is a chance to explore the charming beauty of Vietnam’s nature with the combination of the forest, the mountain ranges and the river.

This tour is especially suitable for those travelling with young children. This is the opportunity to teach the young generation about the cruelty of the war and sympathy for other people. The trip can be both fun and educational for them.

*Note: If you are going to go for this trip, remember to bring lots of water with you. The weather is hot and you want to keep yourself and your companies hydrated.

There are many tour operators that offer Hue DMZ tours at reasonable prices so do your research to see which one suits you best.

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